When do you most often get panic attacks?


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hiya thequietone....for me, i panic most when i'm having a stressful day or time at work....if i have to attend a meeting 8O .......or if i'm on the way to the bank or a doctor appointment or something....the few minutes just before a stressful event or whatever......is the worst time for me...cause i worry so much leading up to it :x


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when its raining, the heavier the more intense
and when its humid
and of course when someone near (relative or community) dies


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busy supermarkets

shop counters

busy streets

when people close to my age are near me in groups

i usually get them right before bed...while im lying down... i also get them while driving and sometimes a random one when im just sittin gdown watching tv in the middle of the day. i get them ery bad when someone is late when they said theyd meet me somewhere.


i got them when

I used to get the majority of my attacks right before bed also. I even went so far as to thinking it was my bedroom and made my wife sleep out in the living room with me for two years. I used to drag out the matress every night and...no way was I able to go to sleep without the tv on.

I even used to think eating ice cream while watching documentaries caused panic attacks! I think back now and it just seems so funny. It sure wasn't back then. (my first attack was eating ice cream while watching a documentary.

It's so nice to have that behind me now. Lemme know if I can help in any way


The three times I would get them were:

1. Driving on the freeway in my dinky little car, surrounded by enormous trucks bearing down on me.

2. In public places after drinking coffee. I have a sensitivity to caffeine, which makes me dizzy and nauseous. I've even had to call the paramedics after one bad episode with java.

3. Lying in bed in the morning after a bad night's sleep, panicky thoughts of how I would take care of my baby/toddler without any sleep.

The last ones were so debilitating that I couldn't move for an hour, all of the panic symptoms swirling about unchecked.

My goodness, what an awful feeling. It's been several months since I suffered longterm, fullblown panic disorder - medically diagnosed and treated - so it's taken me this long to open up about it and be able to talk about it without starting to slip back into it. I've pushed it out of my head so much - so I wouldn't suffer it again - that I've almost forgotten how horrible it was! I had an article on GABA and anxiety that was receiving so many hits - I had no idea how widespread was this wretched disorder. Having found that out, I decided to step out and hopefully help people with my own experience.

If I can overcome such a debilitating syndrome, there is hope for many others. I should add that it wasn't only medical treatment that helped me get the disorder under control.