What is your favourite place?

Nice favorite, easy to get to whenever you want.

For nostalgic and scenic reasons I'll go with the town of Twin Bridges, California (population 10).
I love being out in the woods, far from other people. If I have to choose a place where people are, then I think the library is my favourite place.


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In the shower because I love hot water and I feel extremely relaxed.
In my family's pop-up trailer when it is raining because I love the noise that the rain makes when it hits the hard top :p.


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My room back at home. All sorts of fun things to do in there.

But I'm kinda liking it here on campus as well, despite the large crowds I have to put up with all the time. It just seems so much more peaceful here than it is at home with the family.


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place that i haven't been...tahiti

as far as places i have... i really like driving on the freeway at night... when there's not a lot of traffic i find it really peaceful