what do you feel before taking anxiety medicines and after taking the medicines ?

what do you feel after the effect of the medicine is gone and what do you feel after taking the next dose ?
I was originally on zoloft for depression, the doc add propananol as I still felt on edge. The zoloft was awful to be on, but served its purpose of levelling out emotions, but I felt and acted like a zombie.

I take still propananol at the same time each day; I can feel it if I forget as I start to feel jittery. A half hour or so after taking it I feel 'smoothed out'

I tried to cut my dose in half recently and I felt confused for the day. I always carry a supply in case I get to work and have forgotten it.

I will try again to reduce the dose when I'm on holidays as I suspect it would take a few days to adjust.

I'd prefer not to take any medication, but if I have to I will continue as it has made such a big difference.


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I do feel more calm or relaxed after taking certain supplements. I just go all natural and take B-Vitamins complex tablets, fish oil, L-Theanine, etc. I even drink a tea called Celestial Tension Tamer which really works for me. I only take these supplements when I need it though so the effects wont wear off over time (like once a week before working a shift with a manager). I also like to switch up or cycle what I take because developing tolerance with these supplements is so easy. I'm not recommending anything. This is just from my own experience.


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It's the first time after 4 years when I don't feel tensed anymore:I've started taking Lexotan.My doctor was right when he told me I would feel like being drunk but I don't care as long as I feel normal and I don't have chest pain anymore.