Weirdness around opposite sex


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So, I've always preferred the company of females to males (I am female, so I guess I'm somewhat more comfortable around other non-males). I also have had some negative experiences with males (some very negative, others just uncomfortable). I have had two very bad relationships, and one of my exes was very possessive and didn't like me talking to males (even co-workers and relatives).
So, recently, I have talked somewhat extensively with a couple of male colleagues. One I was working directly with on a project. The other, I happened to be at his location today, and we talked about our mutual work (we are in a couple of groups together, but don't work at the same location). I realized afterword that I felt somewhat weird and awkward talking to them, even though there is no reason to. Nothing inappropriate happened. We were talking about things that are relevant to our work. The second guy I talked to just friended me on Facebook and reiterated in a message that he thinks good things will come to me throughout my career. Again, nothing inappropriate, and I rather enjoy talking to him, but don't have any romantic feelings or anything, so there's no reason for me to feel weird, right?