website worth a visit & another possible cure


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You're welcome!

Hi Frozen In Time, or "FIT" for short? :) :wink:
Did you check the site out :?:
I'd LOVE to take the credit for the site, but no, it was created by a very dear, unique, & special gal in the northern U.S. Her father wrote "The Gossamer Dress", and she edited it and is responsible for everything else at the site. She goes by "Echo", and unfortunately, she & her father both suffer from social anxieties. :cry:

I landed there about 3 yrs. ago when I was officially diagnosed with this you-know-whating disorder and when I read the entires in the guestbook, I was overcome with relief & sorrow at the same exact time, relief to witness other people that felt close to, if not exactly the same way I did & I realizing I wasn't alone, but I also experienced sorrow and grief considering how the visitors that signed Echo's guestbook must SUFFER the same as I did/do as well. :(

Thanks for your reply!


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Hi Solo1,

Sorry I took ages to reply, I tried to type a reply several times, but my computer was playing up, so I kind of gave up! I think it's alright now, fingers crossed! No, I wasn't intending it to be FIT for short! The thought hadn't crossed my mind until you pointed it out! Still, it wouldn't be correct!

Yeah, I visited the website, thanks for the link! It is sad that many other people suffer the same thing. I don't know why, but I'd rather be alone suffering this, than everyone else having to feel the pain as well.

Take care Solo1.


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:) Hi again Frozen In Time! I wasn't even expecting you to get back to me again, so this a a bonus despite your PC's unwillingness to co-operate!! Thanx! :) :eek:

As dreadful as it is knowing exactly how others with the same disorder(s) that I have feel, I wouldn't want to be the only one with them, or they probably would have locked me up ages ago. :( pain Unfortunately, I spent much too long as it is thinking I was totally bonkers before I was diagnosed. Although I STILL feel that way at times, at least I know I'm not unique & there are ways to survive and try dealing with these curses.

I try to face my fears and do a lot of things I wouldn't normally do to help out my elderly parents (84 & 83).... like yesterday, I had a perscription called in for Mom (or Mum as you probably say? :) ) and since my Dad can barely walk even with a cane, I told Mom not to make Dad go pick up her meds up at the drugstore, that I would. When I went to pick up the perscription, the cashier and pharmacists were rushing around looking for it and apologising, I felt responsible because they even starting to bicker with one another about it, and all the people that were there shopping & waiting on their medications were staring at ME as if I commited a crime (or, at least I FELT that way!) I wished so bad for a hole to appear in the floor I could fall into it, especially after one of the pharmacists called my parents and found out my Dad picked up the perscription despite my objections, argggh! :? And I have a cell phone, I don't know why they didn't call and tell me? If it wasn't for the fact that they can't possibly comprehend what we go through (they are aware of my difficulties), and the fact that they are eldery, and the fact that I do love them both to peices, I would be FURIOUS. Something like that incident can keep me terrorized about going out in public for DAYS. :(

You take care too, Frozen In Time, and best of luck and best wishes to you girl!
Ol' Solo :D


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You're most welcome Solo1 :)

I'm sorry to hear about your incident though. I know the feeling, not nice at all. I'm glad that you are taking positive steps to try and face your fears. 10 points to you! :D

We're here any time if you need us, you don't need to suffer alone!
Have a nice day.