Today is the tommorow we were worried about yesterday

Inspired by AimeeSP's signature...
"Today is the tommorow we were worried about yesterday"
I am busier these days, but this poem wrote itself almost instantly.


Yesterday is the tomorrow gone away
Today is the tomorrow feared yesterday
Tomorrow is the day covered gray
And yesteryear felt just like yesterday

The world for them, a brand new day
The world to me, the office gray
The world for them, so they laughed away
To me today, just like yesterday

So will you then see?
Who stands alone by the sunlight's sway?
On this brand new day, will you not see me?
Not the rest of me, but the best of me

So help me rise, renew, reprise
Like the sunrise, anew, arise
Yesterday may be the sorrow that seemed to stay
But today may be the tomorrow hoped for yesterday


The last line suits my mood right now...