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Years ago I thought everyone is so good. They talk fluently. They act perfectly. Everything about them is good and I'm the opposite. I speak quietly and my voice and accent is funny...
Now my SP is better. I look back at my past I realize no one is perfect. And I am not as bad as I thought. I remember long ago a girl told me that I am so good - my marks are high etc... I took it as a joke. I now realize that in other peoples eyes I can be just as perfect...
So I want to tell you all that you are not inferior then other people and
Good luck fighting SP! :D


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I agree with you. The problem we have is that because of a lack of confidence we underestimate ourselves, we don't see the good qualities we have and when people tell us them we don't believe it. We have to believe in ourselves. When we'll achive it we'll have won a big part of the battle.