This is STUPID....

Ive just Been Declined by this chick on facebook whom i used to work beside an had her on my bebo too but she vanished from my friends list and i just sent her a nice polite pm on facebook too and she declined me and anxiety and paranoia went through roof and im thinking"oh god what she gets the cops to me? will she think thats harressment?" I dont Blame ANYONE for laughing at this but ive just went into hyper panic mode even though im being irrational but i cant help getting into a panic:(:(

Anyone Help???


Dont let something like this upset you or get u worked up, she not care about you or your feelings why should you feel like when she dont care? Forget her and move on.
i got totally paranoid when i had BEBO it was getting way out of control! i couldnt sleep! there was so many people on it that i knew. i hate people that stick their nose into my business, it was like living in a fkn goldfish bowl!
i just decided one day to cancel my account, the relief after pressing that button was great.

Lorraine Manca

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no fellow its not you thats paranoid, its her! isnt that an uncommon thing to do on one of those networking things? dont worry! it just means other people have head problems too