the more you think about it the worse it gets

I`ve had a SP as long as I can remember.I think I had the worst form of this disorder - wasn`t able to get on the street,hands and legs shaking,sweating,voice trembling,depression...I started to see a therapist 2 years ago.Today, I can say I`m almost cured.(I even gave speach in front of 25 people two months ago at my engaging party!)A month ago I found this site and was unfortunatelly pleasantly surprised to see I was not alone.But after my first visit here I had a terrible panic attack.The kind I`ve not experienced in years.Every time I was coming here, my heart was pounding like crazy.Recently I found this web site about Saito Therapy.One of main ideas of it is not to gather information about anxiety disorders couse CONSTANT THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES IT WORSE!My proposition for those who are trying to get better - DON`T SPEND A WHOLE DAY THINKING ABOUT IT AND TRYING TO FIND CURE!I`m thankfull for finding this site, but it has a terrible effect on me.Hope my topic won`t be banned :D .

that's really great for you that you made a speech at your engagement party. i'm really happy for u!

i know what you mean though, thinking about it too much making it worse. mine got a little worse too coming to this site and other sites as well. because i'm stressing about it and stuff. these sites are a little addictive actually. but it definitely gave me a peace of mind hearing little stories or experiences other people had. because a lot of my friends don't understand what it's like to be shy.

well, as long as we're all supporting each other!

warmest, sincerest congrats on your engagement! :D

Hello Nicedream!
Thank you for your reply and for congratulations!Glad u understand what I`m trying to say.I was also reliefed to see I was not alone,but u know what I mean...I`m here again...


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I can see what you mean i have totally got addicted to this site, somply because its an outlet, in a place people can relate, I just hope i don't get to relaint on it but don't think that will happen yet.

Well done by the way :D