The Healing Code


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Hello all! I haven't been on here in years and I just came back to let you know about this technique I have been trying called the healing code. I have been only doing it a few days(5) but I can feel a real difference already. This code heals anxiety, depression, stress & many other things. You can find more info on it online and a demonstration of how to do it on youtube. You can also find the healing code book for free at the library. I am in the U.S.A. so I don't know if its available everywhere. You can also buy it on amazon.
The code itself is very easy to learn and you can do it in as little as 6 minutes or 18 minutes a day or more. The more you do it the better you will feel. I did it one day 3 times and that night I slept like a baby and woke up for the first time ever feeling, "Clean" on the inside. I mean, I had no fear, no stress, no hand squeezing my heart, no thoughts of worry. I felt as if someone had swept out all the junk inside me, I felt clean & relaxed. It was great! Every time I do it, its been different, sometimes it doesn't feel as if anything is happening but I will notice later in the day I feel calm and worry free. Other times I can feel an energy or a tingling on my face and most times I don't want to stop doing the code because it feels so good!
Theres even a quick 10 second technique to de-stress throughout the day. What you do is you put your hands together palms touching (as if in prayer)then you breathe in/out very deeply from your stomach, you also try to hold a positive memory of a time when you felt peace in your head while you do this. If you don't have one, you can imagine how it might feel to have peace, love, etc. Do these 3 things at once, the hands, memory, & breathing. You should start to feel better in 10 seconds but if not do it a bit more.
For more info on the code and the physics behind it you can check out the authors website or also youtube for video demonstrations. The Healing Code Book
I hope and pray you try this technique and receive healing and health! God bless!


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Thanks Mary! I have grown a lot spiritually during the last decade or so, differently from when I first joined this site! it's nice to see you again/your nice post! I noticed you last were here in 2019. This info is valuable to share although I need to be more spiritual. I have a blockage still. I feel my medication causes me a lack of motivation so I do not feel like reading my bible again (I have read the whole thing once b4) but I hope God will bring me out of this blockage. I am more spiritual and knowledgeable than before as in the past I wasn't as mature spiritually, etc so I walk better in life. God bless you too!

I'm glad that you found something that works for you. Something that will help me is probably in herbal medicine: adaptogen and nervine tonic and relaxant. God will strongly support someone who's heart is in Him and that's my goal and also I like following the good things of God. God has probably found a lot of favor in you and that's why he has been healing you. I want Him to be on the way to healing me too. :)
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