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Hi all, does anyone believe in ghosts, aliens and other spooky things? I personally believe in aliens and love reading about them! Also, I believe in ghosts, I like the idea of seeing one, but never have xxxxxxxx


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McShy: Your a spirit. It will be released when you die.

Your soul is inside you as well. I recommend you go look in the mirror for 5 min, directly into your eyes; they say the eyes are the window to the soul and your soul won't lie to you.
McShy, I know you have a great sense of humor from reading some of your past posts and you probably think this post is funny and stupid but I'm sure you don't think Socrates was stupid, yeah he believed in the soul/spirit.
When they forced him to drink poison because his ideas were to forward thinking, he did so calmly because he knew he wasn't really going to die.


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i know aliens exist, i see mexicans all the time...

tho my friends kids talk to ghosts all the time. though they could be crazy.


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I believe their are aliens out there somewhere - i mean we exist. We are probably the 'aliens' that they are waiting for to come and take them over and who they conceptualise as nasty green horrid things.
As for ghosts and any other supernatural thingy's nay i say - i just can't - i am the Dana Scully to Fox Mulder. If i did actually see anything of the kind i would find some way of sanitising it with rational thinking.


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I didn't ... until I got a really unexpected and convincing message from a relative who had died four years before! Through a child care worker of all people, she was pretty shocked by it as well.

I think it's counter-productive to try and seek out things like that as people will tell you what you want to hear, but I do believe there are some genuine mediums, and communications.

Not sure if I've seen anything -- it could have been bad dreams! -- it was a weird "hairy" blue light that looked like a sea creature floating in the room on a few occasions. Also my partner was woken by me talking in my sleep one night and reckons he saw a ball of light the size of a baby's head hovering near me (doo-doo-doo-doo, spooky music!!). And what did he do? Turned over and went back to sleep!

As I was rather bothered by the dreams (or apparitions?), I said firmly one night as I was getting into bed "Leave me alone please spirits" and tried to close my mind to it and it's been ok since. Or at least my recent bad dreams have been less supernatural.


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i've had this conversation with red. anyways, it is mathematically proven that there is life on ther planets.
mathematicicians and physicist have been able to formulate the variables which define life and calculate a probability for for life to begin on a planet/solar system. Its something really really small, like 0.00001 % but multiply this by the trillions and trillions of galaxys out there, equals to tens of thousands of different life forms out there.


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Aliens... not so sure if I believe in them or not but I certainly believe that the odds are that there IS life somewhere else in the universe

Ghosts... yeah I defintely believe in the spirit world

Black Magic... not something on the original list but Black Magic is something that I believe has power and influence in our world, more so in tribal lands such as Papua New Guinea