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^Don't you know Sacrament, that any user that posts in the Webmaster's Test Thread, is then cursed to die, not long after - like the people who opened Tutankhamum's Tomb?

"Late in 1922 the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.........
It was not long before Lord Carnarvon (who was financing the project, and had joined Carter and his team to enter the burial chambers) died in Cairo aged 56 and the lights in the city went out, which set off a frenzy of speculation..........
.....deaths in succeeding years of various members of Carter’s team and visitors to the site kept the story alive, especially in cases of death by violence or in odd circumstances.
.......Alleged victims of the curse included Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt, shot dead by his wife in 1923; Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who supposedly X-rayed the mummy and died mysteriously in 1924; Sir Lee Stack, the governor-general of the Sudan, who was assassinated in Cairo in 1924; Arthur Mace of Carter’s excavation team, said to have died of arsenic poisoning in 1928; Carter’s secretary Richard Bethell, who supposedly died smothered in his bed in 1929; and his (Carter's) father, who committed suicide in 1930
" :eek:


...wait, I've posted in here too! Now I'm cursed as well!! :eek:


;) :p
Ugh, I wish I knew that before posting... twice! Does this mean the curse is reversed?
idk, but I will post a second time too, so we have both posted twice now.
If we are both not dead in a year or two, then we will know that the curse was reversed. :applause:

We better carry out our Bucket Lists within the next year, just in case though. :D
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