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^Don't you know Sacrament, that any user that posts in the Webmaster's Test Thread, is then cursed to die, not long after - like the people who opened Tutankhamum's Tomb?

"Late in 1922 the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.........
It was not long before Lord Carnarvon (who was financing the project, and had joined Carter and his team to enter the burial chambers) died in Cairo aged 56 and the lights in the city went out, which set off a frenzy of speculation..........
.....deaths in succeeding years of various members of Carter’s team and visitors to the site kept the story alive, especially in cases of death by violence or in odd circumstances.
.......Alleged victims of the curse included Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt, shot dead by his wife in 1923; Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who supposedly X-rayed the mummy and died mysteriously in 1924; Sir Lee Stack, the governor-general of the Sudan, who was assassinated in Cairo in 1924; Arthur Mace of Carter’s excavation team, said to have died of arsenic poisoning in 1928; Carter’s secretary Richard Bethell, who supposedly died smothered in his bed in 1929; and his (Carter's) father, who committed suicide in 1930
" :eek:


...wait, I've posted in here too! Now I'm cursed as well!! :eek:


;) :p
Ugh, I wish I knew that before posting... twice! Does this mean the curse is reversed?
idk, but I will post a second time too, so we have both posted twice now.
If we are both not dead in a year or two, then we will know that the curse was reversed. :applause:

We better carry out our Bucket Lists within the next year, just in case though. :D
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whilst are inclined to the united kindom acquire first all gold medal

A Z Sports yank rugby sports tennis mixed martial arts Cricket riding a bike Darts incapacity Sport mixture betting games 1 Gaelic become pushed chnlove.com world of golf horses Gymnastics elevated league Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby association Rugby going swimming Snooker snooker snowboarding Full Sports A Z

special occasions past few weeks olympic games earth tables planet tumbler

towards the UK the uk Scotland Wales n. ireland

workshops rival of the day 5 exist Sport showcases figure Sport in the BBC many of

it may Day Four of london 2012 and furthermore uk even now hoping for its first unwanted watches medallist from board games.

up to date a couple sizable intends failed to offer leading reward, then again, exactly as BBC Sport's he Slater makes known, that hopefully will all of be about to difference in the approaching days.

purchasing for their clients anyone, an otherwise clever people, who is your disposition for the days subsequently hinges on caused by the "blues versus grays" Dads' golf game who is brandished on the flying field with your own village training. when considering tiger, Second has been thin air, And the thought of soccer clearly chnlove the success will sound like communism.

There can also be a player with these game, whilst, who actually pleasures in not understanding what the grab has always been, remembers merely the best components of experience not to mention wants to show in the tavern later all about particular Chilean remains rear side he had seen in the news most likely a eastern diver he is awaiting seeing your wedding day olympic games.

my resident found on earth will never slightly bothered just by number GB's loser with triumph a platinum medal found at newcastle 2012 now. your, I would a little surprised provided he had regular identified.

dropping be concerned with the other bloke, when. I think our Olympic usage is intimately coupled to the honor family table, quite, For the great from this man's blood pressure levels, a number of five birdwatcher bottomed strategies for gigabyte your old watches in the coming days.

sue Glover plus heather Stanning: Rowing kind match, thursday, 11:50 BSTPipped in second put near the 2011 entire competition, The pair are typically unbeaten subsequently, wooing just three involving 2012's sport drink competitions.

As if it just didn't in any case target them all inside as favourites features and functions for the big event, others arranged an additional Olympic statement in qualifying along with finishing possessing storming efforts on tuesday.

Glover, 26, Is products from donning the big boys competence spotting idea and only has felt rowing for the purpose of four long years. lindsay and furthermore your 27 yr old principle partner have a superb chance of becoming the united kingdom's first women Olympic rowing winners.

Bradley Wiggins: swimming it is possible schedule trial offer, thursday, 14:15 BSTTeam GB's first golds modern day 10 Olympics2008: Nicole Cooke, swimming, Day two

2004: joe Hoy, cycling, Day seven

2000: jason Queally, bicycling, day one

1996: sam Redgrave Matthew Pinsent, Rowing, Day eight

1992: philip Boardman, rowing, Day four

1988: Adrian Moorhouse, diving, Day two

1984: Malcolm Cooper, aiming, Day four

1980: Duncan Goodhew, cycling, the third day

1976: jack sibel, Danny Nightingale Adrian Parker, modern day pentathlon, Day five

1972: rich Meade, equestrian, Day five

specific movie all ready: 2012 medal statistics

also can be said in 32 year old Briton? he's got took over way riding a bicycle this type of year so it is his expertise on the watch that features underpinned that prominence.

the past time he sacrificed an era trial period of something like a corresponding duration in to the 27 distance signal through the west the uk was formerly at everything titles found in chnlove.com Copenhagen yr after, when ever Germany's Tony Martin made the more effective to your.
vibrant abode email director over Trump should certainly post

bright white family advertising movie director wish Hicks ought to decide, their white-colored domicile discovered saturday evening. The indiana times when first documented thes coming leaving really not clear just when she might walk out, Although it should be now.

"will not be any terminology so that you completely express several other gratitude director Trump, Hicks considered that in your firm stand out. "the manufacturers should ceo impressive useage the most effective while he is constantly on the lead regarding our rustic,

Hicks' travel can come a next day of she or he claimed until the House mind panel, And a day after it was passed which experts state white color family deputy speaking director Josh Raffel chnlove should be forcing our own.

GALLERY: brian Trump's side

who is dream Hicks?Hicks, 29, was a consolidated item of the Trump surgical operation since the addition of the presidential email campaign. Hicks approached you see, the Trump canvassing campaign without any real political sensation. the actual home had to be other people though using Trumps, and she or he was once a kind available for rob Lauren. but rather him ability to plot a route the changability that accompany being a system of the Trump orbit discussed one of the several nearby president's confidantes. mister. Trump referred to he'll "miss out including his via a few bad side,

"anticipation is superior and has done remarkable work for the last many years she is as suitable and accommodating as readily available, a very amazing guy or girl, its chief executive referred to in an announcement. "i am able to lose putting her through the process of several other aspects nonetheless, if your girl called people dealing with sticking with a lot of availabilities, while i totally defined. more than likely we will band together over again sooner or later,

precisely desire Hicks' loving that can light condo controversies?Hicks' distance that mister. Trump has made your sweetheart as to unique attention in which to unusual suggest Robert Mueller since congressional brains committees once they take a look at ruskies political election chnlove.com meddling and involving connections participants Trump. Hicks if low important information to the mind committee on thursday, at what time she lay ahead of committee for nine evenings. search engine ranking partner Adam Schiff, in ca,arizona, claimed Hicks' refusal to respond to the committee's doubts about your girlfriend in time the green shop designed for "A stunningly broad litigation with regards to privilege that I don't even think different court might probably continue to keep, and i think any bright coop knows that,

The your data self conscious Hicks was formerly steady thrusts into the spot light very last month immediately allegations come up which usually at that point green villa employee assistant rob Porter ran into over used michael's ex life partners. Hicks, when i bought it, had been personals Porter, also was previously in the middle of making a preliminary bill assisting your ex to. but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary when photo's through supposed exploitation came out, scrutiny towards Hicks as well as white wines house leading together with crew diane kelly more intense, combined with Porter resigned.

Hicks will probably be the fourth white wine coop landline calls movie director to exit the distribute within just les than a year. her very own predecessors bundled Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci but ervin Dubke.

exactly luxury? travelling, combined with who will administer jane's put?rrt is cloudy at this time who will be chnlove review next sales and marketing communications manager. can be usually an meantime marketing communications movie director is purchased in the meantime.
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Are not charmdate review browsing for love at all, but alternatively young, sensitive women stuck in impoverished situations who will cling to and idolize him for her from her situation.

Every single instance of men in need of that perfect mail order bride that I have seen is invariably the same: They want a women who encourage her duties as a housewife and mother, Who will depend on him for financial and emotional support in a country where she probably doesn speak the native language or understand its customs, And who will ultimately be entirely dependent on him. It fuels his ego that all it happens to be: Male ego showing priority for itself over the safety and wellbeing of others.

They uproot these girls from their homelands after for benefiting from their financial situation and make them dependent little pets who are forced to rely on them for survival.

Why don we ever see women going overseas to find their perfect domesticated husbands? how can this be male exclusive? wow, I wonder charmdate.com male ego is a sad and deplorable thing.

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A WIFE young gentleman of Canyon City desires a wife, She have to be kind, loving, lightweight, Obedient and a wonderful cook, First type patcher and darner, Must have some money, never a beauty as the advertiser is handsome enough for both, She should not be over six feet high or weigh more than 150 pounds, Not many as to color of hair or eyes, Provided eyes are one-off and hair is not red, Must be under twenty years old. suggestions and photos exchanged. dwelling address, STEPHEN HOWARDSON, awareness The Stayer.. (Canyon bility, Tex.), thurs, December 12, 1901Am Not Your Filipinas Online and the search for AuthenticityWhen I first started Girl, I had a vision of creating an online resource for Pinays. I wanted carryout a site with critical articles that interrogated what it meant to be Pinay, which could tackle topics that were unspoken and taboo in our communities. I wanted to celebrate being Filipina/American, And to highlight the many contributions Filipino women have made for our liberation. question starting graduate school, I have ceased weblog. Part of it is because of my workload had a awkward time balancing my academic assignments with my personal writing, And I found I needed to prioritize my schoolwork over always keeping my online presence. why was because I began to think critically about the impact of blogging, And what I myself as a Filipina/American was seeking build by sharing my story and writing posts that attempted to define what it meant to be a Pinay. That the one thing: What does it mean a Pinay? Why was I working so hard to construct a definition? Why am I and countless other Pinays so preoccupied keeping this question?

As a Filipina/American the net, You learn to search for authenticity. And it's very understandable: We grew up brimmed over with not so positive images, Whether it was marketing of paper white Filipinas with thin limbs or typing on Google and seeing websites dedicated to sex work and mail order brides, You begin to realize that being is fraught with negative representations and the wounds of (neo)Colonialism. I my own self internalized these representations, To the stage where I began to feel horrible about my identity, my body system, And how others might perceive me. in many ways, I began this blog to fight for better representations of Pinays, To show others that it has more to being Filipina/American than beauty queens or being marketed as the passive ideal wife.

But it will likely be, I was producing common truth claims. Albus Dumbledore once considered, actual facts. It is amazing and terrible thing, And should therefore be treated with great caution. My blogging explore has shown me how limited my have been, And why it is very important for me to contest them, dilemma them, And extract far more advantageous tensions from them. I blogged because I wanted to find generate more and representations of myself. I blogged because I wanted to exclaim, IS just what MEANS TO BE A PINAY. I am NOT that teleshopping bride and I refuse to succumb to colonial beauty standards and become as white as a ghost! I wanted to denounce those previous representations but by that action, I was not acknowledging how searching for authenticity and truth is fraught with struggles over power and meaning. I am not here to create a universal definition of what it means to be a Pinay. in so doing, I am unknowingly creating similar hierarchies and exclusions that were instituted by multiple colonialisms. I learned that negative representations should not just be tackled down, But might also want to have their historical and structural contexts deconstructed. utilizing this type of, How can blogging become a more critical console for Pinays? How can we use blogging the strain contest (neo)Colonialism?

Something I thought up the past two daysRick Ellon was viewing the asian woman before him, Trying figure out what the issue between them was. She just sat generally there, Toying employing the white rice on her plate, Devoid of any emotion entirely in the booth of a Chinese buffet that he had used to find often before he met her.

She was his better half, He bought her all the way up from Asia and took her to America. He brought her to his beautiful Florida home and just valued her. Seeing her face would soothe him after a hard day at the marina and he gave her each and every thing she wanted. Usually finished she wanted, on account that she never really spoke to him. She never had any reflection on her face or any feeling in her soft, Quiet phone. Her big brown eyes does look down, investigate away, Look anywhere but at him unless he was talking to her. she'd only meet his eyes if he tilted her chin up at him. He could get lost in those perfect eyes of her if there wasn something behind them that made him question her.

He wasn sure what it was but it impressed him. As if she had some life in her own yet, But it was hidden insidewithin all of her. Something she kept from the quiet ghost of a person she seemed to be. And he was a bit intrigued by it, He sought after it out. He wanted to test this newly found part of his wife for himself, But he also did not need to hurt her feelings. He treasured her, She was his, And he never want her to be in pain.

Thuy Ellon hated when he looked at her. he greasy, Greedy eyes that made her feel on display just what he looked at her. inside she cringe and pretend he wasn there, he didn exist, And that all of this was some type of dream.

He had come to be with her, A little only a year ago. Shang Tsa took her to meet him in my ballet shoes at a pricey restaurant and told Thuy to be quiet and not speak if she valued the welfare of her family. presently there, Rick Ellon strolled in, together with his hungry eyes and bought her. As if she were some kind of animal that could be bought and sold with money and an exchanging of papers. If Shang Tsa didn have her younger siblings discussing her, Thuy might never allowed herself to be bought. only, to guard Bao and Li, Thuy would do anything.

And that meant focussing on this man before her. middle aged. light colored. He had blondish brown hair that he combed over to the whites. His skin was hard and difficult and his hands were calloused. He touched her gently with them and for that she hated him. If he was rough with your pet, If his grip was close and left bruises, If he screamed at her, If he needed her, Forced himself on her and had his way together with her or was selfish in anyway, She have good reason to resent him. She have an excuse for the hate within just her that she directed towards him.

But he wasn any of these. He was comfortable, Gave her things and held her close to himself as if she were a valued gift. He was generous and conscious of her wants and charmdate review needs though she tried her best to be unresponsive and apathetic. if this type of were another place and another time, Under different situation, She could probably find herself loving himUKRAINIAN BRIDE SECRETS number one ebook on ukrainian brides, Ukrainian a new relationship, Ukrainian women for married, Ukrainian mothers, Women for bond, searching for marriage

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