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I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but would you mind telling me (us?) what a sympathectomy is?


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'sympathectomy' or 'endoscopic sympathectomy' as it's properly called, refers to the procedure many hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) patients have. they cut or clamp some nerve under the arm to stop the sweat reaching certain parts of the body, particularly hands, feet, face, underarms, back and groin. :)


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Oh, I thought that it was were a person had a part of their brain removed so that they can no longer have any symphathy (or empathy for that matter) for other people... kind of like these idiotic trolls that post here. :lol:

doe! I just fed a troll! Sorry, remus. :D
I want it. I dont know how much it is. But My parents dont even know i have it that bad, they know i sweat, ild just find it embarrasing to approach them, then show them how bad it is!

but im gonna make an appointment to the doc tomorrow and talk


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im getting it like in 2 week, wish me luck !!!!!!!! where im gonna get it , it will be 6 thousand
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LA323, how did it go!?!

Please let us fellow hyperhidrosis sufferers know how ur op went. I'm trying to get a general honest perspective on the procedure to see if it's worth getting done cuz hyperhidrosis in my palms is fair dinkum pissing me off! :evil:

Thanks :)


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YES it's worth it! I tried everything prescirbed by my doctor for years to try and cure my palmar hyperhydrosis. My hands were an extreme case of HH, when I would lift my arms up-sweat would roll down my arms. Or if I touched a piece of material it would soak it through. After having the surgery I have never looked back-no regrets what so ever. And to the guy that said he'd heard there were loads of side affects-is'nt there side effects in every kind of operation?! I havent had any side effects, I was in very little pain and did'nt even have to stay over night in hospital. It changed my life-seriously. I feel so much more confident now. It is 100% worth getting done! Talk to your doctor if your worried about anything to do with the operation.


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:arrow: There's so many testimonials here..
Center for the Cure of Sweaty Palms - Specializes in the cure of hyperhidrosis, sweaty palms, under arm, facial blushing and foot sweating. There is an informative hyperhidrosis video, presentation and a virtual tour of the center.
I had the surgery like a year ago, and now unfortunately my sweaty hands are back, its so horrible, the surgery cost me about 6 grand and now its back, please someone let me know why and how this could be. :cry: