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Hi everyone,

Just want to apologise, just found the mini messenger thingy and discovered a load of messages from people being friendly that my pop up blocker had blocked. I heard the blocker but just assumed it was junk stuff so didn't look.

Sorry,didn't mean to ignore you all.
Holy crap! I just checked my blocked pop up windows, and I see the same thing! Jeez, I had no idea all these people were messaging me. Thanks for making me aware of that.

For now on, if someone wants to contact me, send messages to my inbox here because I'm gonna continue to leave my popup blocker on.


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The exact same thing happened to me twice, i turned it off for this site though. Hahha I feel like such a prick for that.


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lol...same. Just turned off my pop-up blocker for this site, and got quite a surprise.