someone help me please


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hello all, im 17.

i just recently broke up with a girl who has been dating for 4 months, yet began to lose interest in. its not that i was losing interest, its more like since our relationship wasnt based on sex all other girls i saw made me not want to have a girlfriend anymore. and sometimes i didnt want to talk to her

well we finally ended it for good, and im pretty down about it. thing is when i was dating her all i wanted was other girls, now that im not anymore, the shyness kicks right back in. im really afraid im going to go another couple months without any sexual or one on one interaction with a girl.

i've read up a bit on shyness and havent found much about my condition, but its basically im only shy once im new to things, but alot of the time its strong enough to keep me from doing things i really want to do. im not a big kid, and im always afraid of what other people may think, although im said to be a very good looking kid.

the only way to conquer the shy is through interent chat, or once i get into conversation. but as far as introductions to new people mostly my age or slighly younger or older especially good looking girls my age at work i tend to walk the other way.

now evenutally i get to what i want and open up to the person alot more, so i wouldnt consider it a huge problem in my life.

as far as meeting new girls goes, while my ex has moved on and is already intereacting with other people, im still sitting home, depressed. not so much about the breakup, but the fact that the girl i was with i wasnt shy around, she was my only friend (since the friends i have now i dont want to be friends with due to their choice of actions, that of which i have been involved with but would love to get away from)

breaking it down, im really shy infront of girls that seem to intimidate me, and larger males that could very well steal the girls i get away from me. but as far as generallity goes im pretty outgoing in most situations, but if its just me, and no one else, i

a good example of one of the shyness factors is the phone. when i was 13+ calling girls was extremely hard and i got very nervous. i finally passed that stage and could hold a conversation for hours at a time, feeling perfectly fine. but even now the inital dialing of the phone for the first time and a few after that if it involves questioning if that person would like to hang out, is very hard to do, im very nervous, and tend to clear my throught as if its gonna help me talk better. once they pick up and the chatter starts, im fine..