Socializing is very important in life !#%&!#

Anti-social ? Anxious ? Paranoid ? Low self-confidence? Low self-esteem ? Afraid of looking/doing/saying something stupid ?

Sorry, but I was just wondering in what is the point of living anymore if you can't even socialize with people at work, school, or in any public places. I'm one of those guys who rarely talk. Even if I want to say something I really want to, it feels as if my mouth is wired shut... some type of physcological barrier (fear !?). Especially that I have bad speech, most of the time people can't clearly understand what I am trying to say.

Anyone else have the same problem ? I think I have all the social phobia symptoms except my problems are not severe.


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Well if you are wondering what the poing of living is then your problems are probably pretty severe.

Anyway, yeah fear is a pretty big barrier for us SA folk. My advice to you is go see someone about not being able to talk to people (kinda catch 22 I know, but you will probably have to sometime).

And if speech is really a problem for you go and see a speech therapist if you can afford it. You can still lead a pretty good life with a speech impediment, a girl I know is pretty sociable (also kinda shy) and has a BF etc and shes got a facial twitch. Its hard not to ignore (alot more so than a person who is bad at pronouncing something) but you get used to it quickly and it's not a problem when shes around me or my friends.

As for the wired shut, I think alot of things when im in a situation that makes me anxious - often things that would be perfectly ok to say. I want to say them but i'm afraid to, so I just dont. :?

Just have to teach ourselves that what we have to say is just as important as anyone else, and worth hearing. :) Easier said than done though huh :evil:
Is there such thing as home schooling ? So a teacher goes to your house/apartment and teaches you at home, you can still get your high school credits if you pass ?


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UnbreakableShell said:
Is there such thing as home schooling ? So a teacher goes to your house/apartment and teaches you at home, you can still get your high school credits if you pass ?
yes. but i doubt that would help you sP or speach problems at all.
i find it hard to talk at school, but i make yself read in english to try and ge tover it and i am getting better, slowly


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Not one day goes by that I don't feel stupid for something or many things that happened that day. I know I am not stupid, but appear that way I am sure, with the bizarre look I get on my face, the struggle with talking, and the rest. I don't do small talk with people, find it very difficult, don't know what to say, can't force the words out :cry: It makes me very frustrated, want to stay inside and never go out. You are not alone in the way you are feeling
you are not alone. I feel the same way too. dont listen to that person who said to see a speech therapist. I saw one because i thought I had a speech impediment because I could figure out why I couldint talk right. But it was all in my head. I talk fine and nothing is wrong with me. I have a low self esteem. I feel like im mentaly challeged sometimes when I talk, not because I am its just Im afriad someone will think I have a dissability or something. I think alot of people with SA feel stupid when they talk but they arent really. who fuckin cares anyways u know. I cant talk that well either, Im a lazy talker because i dont think that I can talk that well. Its sort of complicated
I'm actually one of those guys who just can't talk to strangers or classmates, its like my mind is totally clear of words.... absolutely nothing to say.

But it's all cool when I finally get to know them good. You know joke around and talk about anything that comes to mind.
katienc478 said:
I sometimes wish I weren't here because of social phobia but I have to be here for my kids and family.
This is good place for people with SP/A's to at least discuss with others of the same. I'm sure if we had a choice, none of us would like to be here.