Social Anxiety Plus Photo Phobia


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Whilst I deal with lots of people thru the day with no probs in my work/social day- when it comes to silly things like an official "morning tea" for me or award presentation for me which involves a small thank you speech and photo's taken - well I freak - I can take 4 valium before the event - and still twitch like an idiot if they take photos of me - I can't handle it.. anyone have the same problem - if valium cannot relax me I don't know what will.
Well, I can't deal with people, I stay at home mostly and try to avoid all social interaction and I do know what you mean about freaking out over someone taking your picture. I hate a camera and wish they would all blow up or something! I can't even stand having my hubby or daughter take my picture and when they do, when it comes back, I will tear it up before they can see it. Same with my hubbys family. I try to avoid having my picture taken and if they do take my picture, I will put my daughter up to asking them for it so I can tear it up.



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I dont like to have my picture taken either, for like 2 years there was no recent photos of me unless i was being held down or blocked my face, and like leesa they all get tore up. but ive realized that if i do it willingly and not be all nervous about it they come out 10 times better and always remember pictures will be here forever...i love pictures, they are memories