Social Anxiety and Epilepsy


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Hey! I'm new on this site and this is my first thread. I haven't been to a psychiatrist yet, but I'm considering it. here is what's going on with me, I love to speak with me but when it comes to speak with one in-class or even turn my head to talk with my classmate, I just freeze and can't do it. I really hate this when it comes to the social situation and can't socialize with people or over think things before doing.
As I've mentioned in the beginning that I have epilepsy as well, has any used Celexa and has epilepsy as well? and How is Celexa in treating SA? Does it make you do whatever you want?
If Celexa is the right one, then what is the best medication for Epileptic and SA?
Thank you!


I used to have the same problem in school actually. My hands would start sweating a lot. One technique I have learned is breathing exercises as it makes me feel more calmed down. I also think, well either i could give them a great show or it wouldn't be the most embarrassing moment of my life, people would be so bored and forget about it sooner or later.