Sleep Problems after discontinuing Adderall (Also take Paxil and Klonopin)


Hi, I took 40 mg Adderall for depression for quite a long time, and a few months ago stopped pretty much instantly. I'm guessing, but not sure, that my sleep problems are caused from Adderall cessation. Sleep problems are quite wicked. For the past 6 or so weeks, I have trouble falling asleep, at all, at nite. I can only sleep usually in the aftrenoon the next day, or go w/o sleep for a whole day. This may sound odd, but I tried marijuana for the first time at 50 years old about a year ago, and ever since then have had trouble sleeping, only lately getting much worse after Adderall cessation. I used marijuana just once. (That is the first illegal drug I have ever taken.)

Obviously, this is not stellar. Has anyone had similar problems with Adderall, and any recommendations for better sleep?? I'd like to avoid any sleep drugs if possible. ..thanks