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1.Respect No member shall show disrespect to others - no harassment, bullying, attacking, threatening or sniping of any members.

2. Posting Posts, mail messages, PMs, usernames, and avatars that may offend shall not be tolerated (including impersonating others avatars). Offensive content includes
excessive swearing, racism, sexism, homophobia, images of an adult nature and porn links. webmaster rule

3. Violations The following types of posts are not permitted:
-trolling (inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic)
-offensive (racism, sexism, homophobia, images of an adult nature and porn links, misandry, misogyny.)
-purposefully disruptive
-"Your SA is not as bad as mine", "you don't have SA" posts
-armchair psychiatry (online drugs, unqualified diagnosis and treatment) webmaster rule
-spam (advertising/selling/dating) webmaster rule
-encouraging crime (including illegal drugs and piracy/file sharing) webmaster rule
-encouraging suicide and methods webmaster rule
-carrying on an *Closed thread* argument in a new thread
-pretending you are admin/moderator
-personal attacks

4. Global This forum is a world forum, so members should respect each others religious and cultural differences, this also requires athiests and religious members to show respect when debating

5. Privacy
A post should not include personal information about another member.

6. Favouritism A poll or post that favours one member will not be allowed.

7. PG-13 The forums are PG-13 rated, so bear this in mind when any content is posted. Medical issues in medical terms are obviously allowed but crude terminology will be deleted. Pictures of people semi clad (shirt off, underwear) are not allowed but a shot on a beach is OK as it is in keeping with the surrounding. This is due the the rating of SPW's server webmaster rule

8. Accounts Only one account per person. Also using proxy servers will get you banned (and other hacker based actions) webmaster rule

9. Moderating No arguing with moderating actions in open forum. Posting about moderation actions in the public forums constitutes a violation. Discussion of moderation actions in the public forums is not permitted. Rules are also not up for debate until the Moderating team create a thread for feedback.

10. Disciplinary action/Moderating decisions:
1. Moderators may,at there own discretion, delete or edit any and all threads, posts, visitor messages, usernames, and avatars that break any of the rules above.
2. Any one moderator may give warnings, infractions, or outright bans to any member for any breach of the above rules.
3. If you have a problem with a moderator on the board, a moderator breaking rules or a moderating decision, PM moderators and they will independently
look into your complaint. Please provide a screenshot if there is abuse, moderators will keep this private from the moderator concerned. False reporting will constitute a violation.
4. Week, Month or Permanent bans require the approval of three moderators after reviewing the documentation.

11. Reporting postsTo use this function to report abuse/rule breaks, click the little exclamation triangle you see on the panel beneath an avatar. Often we select people to moderate who help us run this site by reporting posts/spam.

Note * The webmaster rule breaches can possibly result in him deleting accounts with all posts and not just banning them, this is subject to his visting the site, usually responding to a PM complaint. He also checks the reported posts section.
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