Simple Water Has About Cured Me !!!


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My name is James and I have been suffering from panic attacks since I was about 18 I am now 43 years old. I had all the normal feelings heart racing,dizzy,stomach problems felt like I was going to die and a lot more.

Anyway recently I had the most severe panic attacks ever. What brought it on was one day I coughed up a little blood in my mucus which later turned out to be a slight lung infection.

As soon as I seen that I had the worst panic attack ever my bloodpressure went through the roof left leg was getting heavy and numb I thought for sure this was it for me. Also for about 3 weeks after my stomach was feeling like it was always in knots going to see a GI about it next week.

Anyway I read somewhere about drinking more water I have always would drink LOTS of coffee most of the day this went on for years also I smoked quite a bit.

I almost stopped drinking coffee and cut the smoking in half and it did make me feel a little better. It was only when I started drinking a lot more water when I felt a big improvement in how I felt.

It not only all but STOPPED all panic attacks but I feel 100% better in every respect also my stomach problems have all but disappeared!!

I hope this helps some of you I know how horrible panic attacks can be and how they can all but ruin your life. Give it a try drink a lot more water its hard at first but it gets better as it goes also I take a teaspoon of honey everynight before I go to bed.

They say honey is the miracle food as well as bee pollen I dont know if its true but all I can say is that folks this combo is working for me. I really hope and pray this may help some of you.

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ah that makes sense. ive been having them for a month, today i braved to let my mum take me shopping.. i felt great! AND I HAD A BOTTLE OF WATER IN MY HAND!! i rank the whole thing completly oblivious to it but maybe thats why..then i finished it, got a startbucks decaff latte, and had an attack later on..makes sense lol


I drink quite abit of coffee, I notice I feel more calmer when I dont have it as much. Its a well known stimulant so its no surprise..... I might try drinking more water, much more friendly on the wallet than other methods...
Thanks james


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I don't know about it being a cure, but I never go anywhere without a bottle of water in my hand! It's great for alot of those panic attack symptoms like dry mouth or choking and it gives you an opportunity to pause, sit down, have a rest and think about something else for a minute. Plain old H2O - who knew?! :lol:


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i read about it somewhere and drinked lots of water before going to gig last weeklol i dont think it helped, the only effect was sweating all the time, it was too hot there.


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basically im not trying to put a downer on the whole thing but i mean coffee makes your heart pump faster anyway.Iremember when i quit smoking cuz i thought that that was the corse for my condition SA,and for that week I was amazingly fine it was wierd and then after the initial excitement of the buzz that i thought i was free of SA I slipt strate back into it


My BP up too

Hi, Ive had anxiety and panic attacks since I was 18 too, Im currently 33. Very recently I got sinusitis and had blood in my mucus which totally freaked me out, thought my brain was haemorrhaging through my nose (dont we come up with the most imaginitive and fantastic ailments in our heads!!!) anyway so as a result my bp went up to 150/90 which totally freaked me out even more, and we all know what that does to bp! (I'm normally at around 120/78

So anyway, I have to have it checked every two weeks, its still high because ive been in a constant state of panic and anxiety about it. I was curious James, how long did it take for yours to go down? My doctor assures me that its completely understandable and she is not concerned at all given whats been happening in my life, stress at work etc, and i even got a second opinion which was the same thing but still very frightened of what might happen
Caffeine is a trigger for aniety attacks, the first thing you should do it cut out all sources of caffeine, it will make noticable improvement especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker.


There is no doubt that dehydration can trigger a panic attack, as it can cause poor health in general. Most water gurus I've read recommend distilled water. Too much water can also be bad, as it can remove water-soluble vitamins and minerals from your body. As they say, everything in moderation. Caffeine is a major trigger for my panic attacks - I've actually had to call paramedics after I drank a cup of coffee at a convention center! I went down like a ton of bricks, with symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

I overcame my longterm panic disorder largely through the use of GABA and Joe Barry's techniques. I also had to go through withdrawal from a benzodiazepine, which is anxiety/panic medication. It is said that withdrawal from these drugs is worse than from heroin - and I believe it!

Water can be helpful for people who are dehydrated, but it can also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so take it easy!