Show me your PUPPIES!!!


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I read a thread where someone's dog died. I'm not depressed at the moment, but THAT is something that really depresses me. I love animals, and dogs are the most loyal things that have completely unconditional love for you. My pets have always made me feel better - they seem to know when something's not right and will want cuddles, or just be there.

Soo.. Lets have a thread where we post our pets. Any type of pet.

Tell us their names, ages, how long you've had them, how they came to you (if there's a story to it) and whatever else you want :D

I have three dogs, miniature cows (pets only), chickens, a bird, and random things I find in the garden .. but I thought I start with something different. This is Fudge, an hour after he was born.


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I have a cat, Jem- adopted her from the SPCA, and the sweetest, cuddliest cat you will ever meet in your life. She's just the best, and often when I am having a bad day (Panic attack/depression/general upsetness) she's right on me cuddling, and very in-tune with my feelings, and will always cheer me up
Have a mouse, Olivia, had two until recently when the older one passed away due to her age.
Also have 4 fish. Milo, Flit, Stitch and Trooper. Stitch is a bully, Trooper needs to be kept separate due to size, and Milo is my favourite, as I got him first, and he's already about 3 1/2 years, and I just have a real soft spot for him.


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I've had dozens of cats over the years but we moved so much we had to give most of them away. I've only had two dogs in my life. my mom gave them away while I was at my dads because we got into an argument and I miss them very very very much!! This is my cat Lady muffintop whom I have right now and Igor when he was a pup.

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