Severe social anxiety& Feel like I`m going nowehre in life


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I`m 18 and struggle with severe social anxiety. I can get really stressed just by the thought of saying a few words to people, which often results in stuttering. Plus I already have an accent so it makes it really hard for people to understand me unless they pay close attention. I feel like I will never be able to get a job caus I have no marketable skills and am too clumsy for physical work. So far I have never worked a single job and only have a few volunteering experiences. I can`t even apply for jobs because I don`t have enough references (most of my volunteer experiences were years ago and I forgot the name of the supervisors, plus I never talk in class so I can`t really ask my teachers). My parents are really fed up with me and only allow me to stay in our house because I`m still a student. I don`t have science&maths prerequisites for many universities programs so my careers options are slim. I`m planning to apply for psychology but there`s few job options unless I get into grad school, so that means I have to go through internships. I`m afraid I will end up homeless or something like that since there`s no one anyone`d hire me.