Searching for a specific documentary


I'm new here, just registered. A long time (I guess 15 years) ago I accidently stumbled upon a specific documentary following the lives of some people struggling with agoraphobia and a therapist who was dedicated to help them. I only saw half of it and don't remember all the details but central was a guy who was terrified of leaving his house/room. The therapist said that agoraphobia was highly treatable and with a special program and personal coaching he could help this guy and the others not only to leave there homes but even in a short time make them all board a plane and go to Japan, wich they all did. The end was a little sad because I remember the guy talking all ecstatic about his adventure but after a while he didn't follow up with the program and relapsed, confided to his room. I guess that the documentary was American, but it could also be from the UK. Does this ring a bell? Please let me know.