my social phobia has gotten so bad where i feel like it's impossible for me to go to school. I don't even want to go anymore and i beg to stay home everyday. I've stayed home for two days now, but that's because im sick (but being sick is probably just an excuse to cover up for the anxiety). I want to be homeschooled so bad by a tutor now but my dad wont let me. I'm only a 10th grader and just thinking about this...i dont think i could make through 2 more years of school if its this bad! and i realli dont want to go to a physocologist (sp). What could i do?
if you're bullied, you could always ask your parents to go with you to school or on a school trip to prove to them how bad it is for worked for me. my drama teacher asked my mom to go help out on a school trip in 9th grade, and my mom saw what idiots the kids were, and how they treated me, and she didn't make me go back. and before that, they wouldn't let me homeschool either. but that done it...i guess they thought i was exaggerating how the kids treated me and about how dumb the kids were...i dunno. but that proved to her that i was right.
but otherwise, if it's just the sa and no bullying, and your parents know about the sa and still wont let you, then i dont know what to tell you...
I know going to school is really hard for you (its the same for me) but if you were home schooled you probably wouldnt go out at all and you would feel even more isolated than you do now. Just try and stick with it, talk you your dad about it, or ask him to talk to someone at school and see if they can sort something out. Maybe if your teachers were more understanding it wouldnt be so bad? And its only two years - it wont last forever, although I know it feel like it will now. But count yourself lucky, I'm the same age as you but in the british system so I have three more years!