Saddest instrumental music


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List the saddest instrumental music (no words sung) you've heard. Want to download them.

Mine are:
"A Day Without Rain" Enya
"Crucified Woman" Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack
"Ruined Landscape" Neverending Story soundtrack
"The Sun In The Stream" Enya
Main Theme from Dressed To Kill soundtrack

These all make me cry.
oooo! so many! I LOVE sad instrumental music! especially film scores!

most of the donnie darko soundtrack, by Michael Andrews is beautiful!...try tracks "rosie darko" and "cellar door"

also Jon Brion's "peer pressure" from the eternal sunshine soundtrack is gorgeous.

what else?....I love "an angel falls" from the city of angels soundtrack by Gabriel Yared....and "death" by Danny Elfman from the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack.

and lastly, two tracks by a band I love....the eels..."marie floating over the backyard" and "gods silence" are both great!

p.s. the neverending story!!! I love that film!