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Oh how i feel for yu...I gotta tell ya, i didn't invent mine either but it's killing me,in yet it's so unbelievable to others. My chest has been burning for hours just today because i havejust heard that by 2-12 i have to return to work or im out of a job.(i've been out for 5 months because of a breakdown due to sa) .It's killilng me as i've been with thisjob for 20 years and only have two years to retire and just cant, at this point, do much about sick and dont want to be but i also have vertago that goes with my fear so i see it as me going back, having an episode, and falling infront of a classroom of kids. Hows that for giving stability to a classroom..Much less to myself.......What hurt it causes!! And i dont know what to do about it either......drugs dont work for me,,,,make me worse actually. Or make sleep,,yea, that would work on a job. I just dont know what to do..But i can advise you to seek help. Your just a youngen, and much more flexable to change. Dont let it grow in you any longer. It used to be "livable" with me and then i just lost it.....So, try, use that insurance, and know at least we believe you here...And understand what it does to ya.....Good luck!! Work hard,,,and know you can make it. (im just old but YOU can do it :wink: )
got back from the doctors

i just came back from the doctor. he didnt really want my entire story of how it effects me, he just wanted to know if i wanted more medicine. i said i didnt know, but sure. His nurse is setting me up with a psychiatrist to better diagnose the problem. i guess it wasnt his field. but i have to speak in front of a class tommorow, im doubling up on the medicine.

thanks, nice to know others out there like this. support is appreaciated. now to sleep...ugh!


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dr stuff

It is so hard to me when ya sort of break down and decide to "go for help" and then they just say....ya want more medicine..I went through heck trying to make them understand that what i wanted was a way to learn to deal with the pains of sa, how to direct myself, or retrain or WHATEVER, but to quit telling me pills. I know they help a lot of people and thank goodness for that, but it really bugs me that he just sent ya off with that, and didn't listen to ya, or get someone whould enjoy helping you right then. I dont know about this stuff much , but the other day, when i was going in for help, i saw a young teen boy sitting and waiting for his "turn". My heart just went out to him and felt like counseling him myself, with TRUE compassion. Of course i couldnt do that, but if only these dr's truly knew that we are asking for help and that's not too easy for most of us. I just so honestly feel that if you can catch yourself when young, you have a much better chance of re grouping, finding out where you do your best, and be guided on how to deal with the rest of the stuff you have to do anyway. I really dont mind a lot of what this sa brings me, it's just that when it gets out of hand, and your head sais one thing and your body sais another, it really hurts.. Am i making sense....I just get writing so fast and that's just how my mind goes so i just let it go for release... :lol: so sorry if im babling, but it is what i think... I think. :?


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Hi Scardecat,
I was sorry to hear of your job situation. I hope you have the strength or whatever it takes to return in Feb if only to make your retirement in two years. Is it possible for you to talk with your boss or supervisor and request a less stressful situation there? I assume that your present one (a teacher?) must be rough for anyone with sa. Does your employer know the reason for your present absence? I hope they can do something for you for the next two years. Good luck with this and I will look forward to hearing how you do. Hope Scott does ok too.