Really need your help with this

Hey all
I will make this short for you.
First I will tell you a bit about myself. I am a 21 years old woman. Stayed at home from 15 to 19 ish. My crazy childhood and an abusive mother made me lose my mind a bit. At 20 I decided to change myself because I was beyond disgusted. I had no high school diploma, no work experience, no friends...I was so broken but I wanted to change so bad.
Right now I am a college student, a bit better at socializing. Cigarettes help me calm down a bit when certain memories haunt me.
The problem is that because of my past( no job experience) I am short of money. My family are emotionally abusive to me and I can no longer live with them. I would like to start an online business but I have no idea how I can be successful at it. I just did my taxes and got a bit of money but that is all. I would like to make some money from short term investing( if such a thing is possible)
I am sorry if my English is not perfect.(I am a foreigner) and also I do not feel very well right now as I am feeling a bit low.I could care less about grammar I just need someone's help.
Also If it helps I live in north america.
Thanks for reading


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The thing about creating a business from scratch is that there's so much competition. Unless you have something truly original (or something that's not that original but that the city you live in is lacking), it's hard to make it work. You need to save up first, so getting a job would at least help you get out of the house and keep your mind occupied.
well the thing is I have been looking for a job for months now, and yet I have got nothing out of it. I don't know this situation is not helping my mental health at all.