Racist asshole


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I'm black. Yeah, us darkies can be assholes too. To whomever said I was white trash. I'm black trash, idiot. You should have resorted to "nigger" because your assumption was as inaccurate as any racist's assumption, and the result of your stupid assertion was as idiotic as calling me a "nigger." We're not all void of a vocabulary. You know what? That insensitive comment was the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm done with this forum forever now. I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with that racist asshole. Adieu, people. Or wait, "peace, muh fuckas" Happy, Ku Klux Klan member? Happy? I'm so fed up.


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My my, are we touchy. Talk about presumptous- it was a presumptous mistake, had nothing to do with racism. Damn guy get a grip. Is that the root of your problems? Racism. Does it make you want to cry when you are called white. I agree you are an asshole- it doesn't matter what color you are- really- I dislike most assholes because they tend to show their weakness through their simple mindedness. But there is only one thing you ever said that made sense- people need to be wary about becoming addicted to sympathy, while not taking the responsibility to work on their emotions. But, it's important to realize that it is very difficult for us social anxiety suffers (do your research, don't make me explain again why) that is why we have this forum. We need a community of people who can relate and support each other. You have a world full of assholes to support your distorted way of thinking and behaving. So go away already- simpleton. No, that's not racist their are plenty of whities out there who are simple minded, ignorant, assholes too.


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lol, what a joker. He says all this because our replies amuse him, you know that? He's probably not even black, he's probably saying it to get a rise out of people. Notice how every time he posts he says he's leaving? As stupid as the kid is, he does make me laugh ... which I think is his intention.


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You keep on saying you are leaving but keep coming back, WHY
Good riddance I say. You think we have got problems, take a good look at yourself and your attitude.
I am not going down to your level and responding to your remarks. You just crack me up so much. You are so immature and need to grow up