Quick question for Montrealers

If you see a psychologist, how much does it cost per session?
I'm looking at seeing one, and the ones I have found so far range from $120 to 150. I used to see one regularly 12 years ago, and it was $80/session. Are those current prices normal?
I'm not in Montreal, my answer may be of no use to you. However, I have someone that I see on occasion & they started their own practice these last few years, based on your income. It can be anywhere from $60 - $200/hour, possibly less for some & more for others.

I have a feeling that is the going rate..

They aren't a psychologist, but they have their PHD as a Social Worker in group therapy. & for myself their study has been conducive to my health ailments. Aggy, is the result of my other dis-ease.

Aggy = (agoraphobic)
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There's one that i used to see two years ago at $90 per session. But sadly he passed on and then i had to get another one. My current one charges $100 and i find it relatively cheap, Cause when i was searching, most of them were ranging from $120 to $180 per session. Actually i consider myself lucky.
If anyone is interested in a psychologist I'd thought I let you know that some companies like starbucks, staples, ups and nike offer health coverage to part-time employees. It might be a good to ask what is offered in their plans.