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has anyone or does anyone take medication that does help with SP? i've been diagnosed for about 3 months now but have experienced the troubles for 6 years. so far i've had a few side affects from zoloft but none from the supposedly stronger paxil (which is what i'm trying now). my psyciatrist has also given me a perscription for buspar and the next in line to try is prozac.

the only reason i came off zoloft is because it made me really tired no matter when i took it, day or night but i'm thinking so far that it's the only thing that will also cause *good* affects. i'm thinking about going back to it but the thing is i start college in august and i'm terrified.


just wondering what anyone has had success with.


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Hi, Guest!

I was given zoloft and buspar at first. Zoloft made me anxious and Buspar didn't do anything for me. I am currently taking Prozac. Remember that the effectiveness of psychotropic medication is a personal thing. Some medicines will work for some. Others will not. I know a friend that used Zolof, Buspar and Prozac. None of them worked for him. He now uses Paxil.....

Be patient. You and your psychiatrist will find the right combination for you! Good Luck with it.


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I want to try Seroxat.. buy it online.. should i need to tell the doctor that i'm going to take it.. what if it don't work?


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I too have tried most of the above. Ask your doctor about Lofepramine. I take the full 210mg dailey. No side effects at all (execpt for spelling).

It has helped me alot although not a cure. It hust takes the edge of things.

Good luk