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I posted a reply & a question in the long thread on anti-histamines and blushing but think it has got lost. Tried again but that hasn't appeared either so thought I'd start a new thread because I found out about this supplement.

The above is available otc and is generally combined with VitC. Supposed to safely help reduce histamine levels (have suffered badly with both histamine & irrational blushing for most of my life this so found the theory in this thread interesting)

Started these supplements today. Stopped folic acid when I came across this site and the thread (found an immediate benefit) and am going to start taking cal +magnesium + VitD3.

This is a great forum - lots of good ideas and suggestions. I was scared about joining a forum that talked about blushing in case it made me focus more on the problem and make it worse as a consequence. Hopefully, you all find the opposite effect of being on here?

Nice to meet you all anyway. Your stories are so similar to mine - no one knows how much this 'problem' can ruin your life unless you go through it yourself do they?