progress maybe?

Alright so ive been hanging around for about a month an half just drinking an playing video games. I applied for several job's an somebody finally called me back, anyway it's a call center job im used to these cause i have no problem talking to people on the phone but in person it's another story.

So my first day was thursday at 8am i was so nervous i took 5 shots of straight vodka, i was wasted omg it was funny :lol: not enough to be noticible but i was feelin pretty dam good.

So i walk in an theirs like 99% girls their an 2 guys for the training classes. We go in a room an our instructor introduces herself etc...Then comes the part i dreaded introducing yourself infront of everybody!!!!

We had to stand up an say our name an some other stupid crap, lucky for me the booze gave me the courage to stand up an introduce myself. Not only that but i got some laughs too :lol: The question was what word describes you the most i said "Cocky" lol.

So i just went with it you know? What's the worst that could happen i get looked at funny, wouldnt be the first time. I was also the first one to start a conversation with another person in the room everybody was silent not talking to each other. I just asked a girl how she found out about this job an etc we even went to lunch.

The next day was kinda difficult since i was sober but alot easier since i already showed that im atleast not shy...little do they know right?

Im a tall guy i kinda intimidate people when i stay quiet an avoid interacting, but people really wanna hear what i have to say anyway im gonna try an just talk to people ive already talked to 4 people that i never met before an they are pretty nice people.

I say drive to a city or town or store youve never been too an just make some small talk then leave, these people will never see you again what do you have to lose?