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When I was nine years old, I attended this small & friendly church. One of the pre-adolescents, Rachel, immediately caught my attention. She most likely had social phobia; didn't use much eye contact, frequently avoided social situations, and also appeared extremely tense around other people. Being the young and naive girl that I was, I made snap judgements about her, but definitely not toward her directly, just in my mind. I asked my mom, "Why is she so quiet? Doesn't she have any desire to make friends? She needs to be more friendly and sociable with other people if she knows what's best for her." I felt somewhat insulted & defensive because she wouldn't communicate with me when I made the effort to. My judgements were continuous and rather harsh. One year later, I dramatically changed for several reasons and developed social phobia. When that occured, I completely understood Rachel.
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I seen the gunman and the getaway driver and never told the police.....


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^ there's something called the bystander effect. It's not a good thing, but most people do not get help when they witness a crime. You can always call in an anonymous tip from a payphone. If there was indeed a murder, there is no statute of limitations- meaning that even if the crime occured 10 20 30 years ago, the person can still be arrested. That's obviously something that's beyond my/ this forum's capacity to help with. It may take professional counsel to work through an event like that and the guilt that can be associated with it. I'm sure there are other people out there who struggle with knowledge of crime, but never did anything about it- but obviously if they never talk about it, nobody ever knows.