Possible relief from fear?

For a long time (30+ years) as an adult I have carried around the fear of heights and in particular situations like atrium buildings. Don't have a clue where this came from. As a 17 year old high school student I visited Carlsbad Cavern
and walked to the bottom without any kind of uneasiness or fear. In college I worked on the "chain gang" painting tall columns in front of buildings where I had to climb up on 'tall/long' ladders then paint-with no problems. But two nights ago when I went to visit my granddaughter on the 4th floor in the hospital, 4 story atrium building, I had to practically crawl out of the elevator and rush to the hall way for "safety." It was so bad that I would not drive on the freeway or drive over relative small freeway overpasses. But I was miraculous healed re: driving 'height' fears in 1999 (another story for later time).

I have little to no hopes about overcoming my fear with atrium buildings because it is a bit different, i.e. it involves potential major injury or even death from falling or being pulled over the edge. But since my disaster visit to see my granddaughter, I thought I would at least inquire what others have done with similar fears.