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OK kids, what r ur 3 most prized possessions. I'd say, my dog, altho not really a possession but i pick her anyway as i do "own" her, right?
Also, my Tiffany bracelet, and my expensive posh black handbag, shallow? moi? xx


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Well, obviously soon-ish mine will be My dog, a musician and an artist, but for now, u know....


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hmmm my laptop, my incubus autographs (that i got myself :D :D :D and framed with my incubus poster... well one of them), annnnd...

this is hard...

my van gogh starry night over the rhone poster



Possesions really arnt that important to me.. Im not saying i dont like having nice flashy new stuff.. just that you know, i could live without most of it.

The only thing possesion wise i guess i truley value is my flat because of the privacy and self dependance its let me have.None possesion wise.. My mum means the world to me, more than anything else, love ya ma xxx


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My computer, couldnt live without games or internet(well, curious to see if that´s true or false myself)
Collar and wrists thingies, forgot the name, that i stole a while back. Not expansive at all, but so nice
My body
My mind


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young said:
my xbox, my gamecube, and my ps2

lol, nice variety

mine are:

1) my antique plastic piano, limited edition (only 500,000 were made and I got my hands on one of them)

2) my house, which I built myself, more or less, well, I painted one of the walls anyway, well, most of it

3) my car, you just can't beat a Porsche for thrills, too bad I've got a Skoda


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Wow, Chilling_Echo, I have that poster framed in my dining room! You have good taste!

Pitkreet said:
3) my car, you just can't beat a Porsche for thrills, too bad I've got a Skoda

LOL, you almost made me spit out my drink from laughing too hard.

My three most prized possesions:

1) My Ruger .22 cal Mark I pistol (one of the first of it's kind), given to me as a hierloom by my grandfather
2) My 30" High-Definition TV
3) My computer (P4 2.5 Ghz, 19" monitor), which I built myself about two years ago (in fact, its what im typing this post with). Has all my music on it, along with programs I wrote for computer science degree (those, to me, are priceless)

If we count the stuff I have back home in Detroit, then I would have to replace #2 with Egypt (my pet cat), had to leave her behind because she is buddies with my aunts cat, and the move out here would have traumatized her (even getting her to the groomer down the road was a major ordeal, where she wouldn't come out of hiding for a couple of days, could imagine what a 300 mile road trip would do to her)


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Thanks, Chilling_Echo

It was hard to leave her back home, but she's happier, and I get to see her every other month when I go back home to visit, so it's ok. Plus, the apartment is a bit too small for her. When I get my townhouse, I will probably get a yorky and a cat.

Have a bunch of others hanging around, too (Picasso "Three Musicians", some Celtic artwork, and some San Francisco & Chicago pictures). Had to pay quite a bit to get everything framed, but it makes a big difference in the appearance of the place. Downtown, there is a bunch of places to buy posters (framed), even if it's a challenge lugging them back home on the train, almost had the doors close on one that I was taking home.

http://www.allposters.com/ is an EXCELLENT source for posters, but if you want them framed, it will cost you (although Michaels charges quite a bit, too).


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hmm yeah, i love dali, and i have an ameli movie poster up, i got the van gogh from k-mart for $5 on clearance. it's like... pretty big actually
i can't tell measurements :)