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Are we allowed to share some of our own musings? :eek: Is this what this is for?

If so, here is something I wrote over a year ago. It's probably junk, but I guess I liked writing it. It's meant to describe a situation where a guy (me I guess) notices a random girl in the street who totally captures his attention, and how he manages to get the courage to go up to her and say hi.

Discovering Destiny

Steps forward, steps backward.

Turn of head, change of view.

Perception shift; reality rotates.

Once accepted, now rejected.

Indecision, misdirection.

Dream manifested, inconceivable commences.

Purpose aligns, determination erupts.

Beating heart, fleeting thought.

Courage surges, momentum builds.

Feet lead, body follows.

Heart in front, mind behind.

Face open; smile revealed.

Body trembles, hands perspire.

Hope hides; fears betrayal.

World teeters, time slows.

Breath catches, music plays.

Girl pauses, confidence coalesces

Caramel hair; shoulder waterfall

Sun shines, eyes sparkle.

Turn of head, change of view.

A moment begins.

(The "Face open" and "Sun shines" lines represent her compared to the others, and the first "Turn of head" line is me, then the repeat of it at the end is from her perspective. Just thought I'd explain ;o)

Btw, this potential situation has probably happened many times in my life, but I've never managed to do anything. (How can you?!) :< Hope someone liked it though. I'm not really looking for criticism, I spontaneously wrote it, and just sharing now as a fire and forget thing. If you hate it, that's okay. :)