panick attack...or is it?


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ive been wondering about this for a while, im not very good a describing it though. whenever im in a social situation that im not comfortable with, e.g. a place ive never been to before with lots of people, i get anxious and feel short of breath, like as if ive been running or excercising. i dont exactly know what a panick attack is but is this one? its more of a slow build up. sorry i cant explain better. :oops:


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To me it sounds like hyperventilation, wich is a symptom of a panic attack..Im not really sure, cause im not an expert...There's also a lot of information on the internet about hyperventilation, maybe you should read that first..

I think you really should go t a doctor with it, he can probably tell you exactly what you have..

good luck!!


panic attacks

I think it's just bad anxiety hun as I have had panic attacks really bad and you def know you've had one when you have had a fully blown attack as they're debilitating. You can't even cry or talk or anything and they can paralise you with fear. I shake and hyperventilate relaly bad with them and once couldn't take any steps.
I get what you're feeling too's like a really bad attack of nerves and I get breathless and an horrible feeling too.


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These are just some symptoms of a panic attack:-

Physical signs and symptoms may include:-
Digestive System
• dry mouth
• “lump in the throat”
• difficulty swallowing
• “butterflies”
• “knot” in the abdomen
• nausea
• vomiting
• diarrhoea

Heart and Lungs
• chest pain or tightness
• shortness of breath
• hyperventilation
• choking or smothering sensations
• heart pounding or racing (“palpitations”)

• sweating
• hot and cold flushes
• pallor

• fatigue
• tremor or shakiness
• inability to relax
• weakness (“jelly legs”)
• muscle tension
• spasms, e.g. eyelids twitching
• shakiness
• jitteriness
• jumpiness
• fatigue
• strained face
• fidgeting
• restlessness
• startle easily

• faintness
• dizziness
• headache
• lightheadness
• numbness or tingling in the hands or feet or around the mouth
• unsteady feelings
• sexual problem
• frequent urination
• urgent urination

I won't even bother going into the Psychological ones.

annie :)


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i always get short breathe when i feel im about to do something stupid or do something that will make me look stupid. its not a pannick attack though its just extreme anxiety. a pannick attack is shaking and been parylised with fear. its a fear for your life.
well thats what mine have been like.
shortness of breath is a symptom but not the real thing. it can lead to it though so you need to relax yourself or a pannick attack could start.


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A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear that sometimes comes without warning or any obvious reasons, or in some cases there are triggers to the attacks. Everyone is different therefore they know their own triggers.
A panic attack is not dangerous, but it can be terrifying, largely because it feels like you are going 'crazy' and are 'out of control”.

Like Sue said there is a difference between a panic attack and extreme anxiety. Some people experience extreme anxiety and put it down to as having a panic attack, which is not the case.

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Panic attacks occur in varying degrees of severity... If you are experiencing shortness of breath, that's a direct physiological response to anxiety, so it sounds to me like a mild one. Also, do you feel your heart race and a strong impulse to get away? I've had them so bad I pretend they aren't happening till I black out. Really it's just a name... An attack of panic... and you just need to chill out, but all of us SP sufferes know that and it's not something we can control at will!