Panic Attacks


I have alot and way too often. Everytime someone talks to me i get one. i get all sweaty and my limbs shake and i stutter and the whole nine yards. how can i stop these panic attacks? can anyone relate?
panic attacks


I can relate to that situation and i think almost all SA people can relate to that too, that type of thing is very common among people with SA. If theres any advice that i could give you it would be to try not to blow the sitaution out of proportion, all it is, is a conversation with someone, its not like your talking to an audience full of people. And even if you did think that you maid a mistake during the conversation, so what ? its not a big deal. As for the panic attacks, try to rationalize and remember that its only a conversation and that it will be over soon, when we have panic attacks we amplify the situation and make it seem a hundred times worse when it really isnt that bad as we think it is, and try to breath properly, thats another important thing, try to breath deeply through your nose and then out through your mouth, after a few times that can sometimes help. Hope some of this helps

Take Care

If you dont like what i said then dont reply, you'll just look stupid in front of everybody not being able to talk properly, not me.

hope this helps



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absolutely no offense or hopes for an argument intended, but.... what's actually worse.... "looking stupid" the way you may be talking to someone, or "looking stupid" because it appears as if you are doing Lamaze? I think I would rather talk & appear stupid than have people think they've caused me to go into premature labor, or hyper-ventilate. :?


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Hi again Way2shy :) ... I am the same guest that posted B4 Re: lamaze.... :oops:

Glad you see my point, I've tried the breathing thing (and still do on occassion, but usually in my car or places where I'm basicly by myself) but this just doesn't work in public (my opinion) I've had people ask me if I'm all right when they see me breathing which disrupts the entire proceedure and makes 'matters' even WORSE. :cry: The other downfall is, if I practice the proceedure in my car, it's worn off by the time I've entered the public place and I really need "IT" or something else to get me through. :(

If I were you.... I would seek professional help (meds, maybe?) there isn't a cure, :cry: but there are some meds & techniques that will at least take the edge off for you, and you may need to 'shop around' and experiment quite a bit before you find something that 'fits', and Sweetie, don't ever 'settle' for something a professional gives or advises thinking that's all there is and that they know EXACTLY what will work for you.... truth is, they don't, and it's just as much of an experiement for them as it is for us. Tell them how you feel, react, which I know is next to impossible to do with SP, even though they are paid professionals doing their job, it's still seems like socializing! sux2Bus. (my motto) :cry:

Best of wishes & luck to you!


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sorry just have to ask....Is it ocdme responding as guest here?? lol i just laughted at the whole lamaz thing casue i swear, i try so hard to keep from beeing looked at sometimes, and then that breathing excercise, yea the lamaz one,just puts me right out into notice ville. And.......i have a hard time making it last until the moment i need it. Also, my panic attack come on with no aparant cause ususally, so am working on how to remove myself from wherever i am, without causing more greef to myself.


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There isn't a cure? 8O 8O 8O
I didn't know that! However I am still happy - you don't have to totally change your personality. SP is what makes you unique and interesting. LOL!! :D



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a partridge in a pear tree, and likely a whole buncha others :oops:

Heya Scardecat! :) Ohmygoshhhh 8O I just can't snow you people at all, can I? :) Yup, the Lamaze thing was mine. (I think I'm being ermm~~~ different (?), without the humor, but it's STILL THERE somehow, isn't it? :wink: ) (Or... did all the icons give me away?) You are all 'onto me'... so .... BIG STEP HERE.... MAJOR BIG STEP..... oooooo, owww (why is THIS so freaky?!?!?!.) (and, just WHERE IS the 'scared' icon?)... I should just sign in as the MEMBER I am and start being myself (? who the -ell is THAT?!?! :? )

I have been thinking about you Scarde!! I was doing some ridicolous~ assinine~ waste~ of~ time~ totally~ useless to anyone else BUT ME----- stuff ----and I was thinking:::: "I'll betcha Scarde does THIS STUFF too." :wink: Sweetie, you never did write about the job/work stuff you said you were going to, and I was looking forward to it, and YOU know how it is when you are expecting something and it doesn't happen..... your entire life and routine is completely out of sorts and you can't get it together! :( :)

K... it's me... coming out of the closet.... it's now or never...
practicing the Lamaze thing here BIGTIME.... GASPPPPPPPP ahhhhhhhh GASPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP you know, this shi....uh, stuff DIDN'T freaking WORK for childbirth EITHER :evil: , I kept trying 'IT" faster and FASTER because it wasn't doing jack.... the nurse told me to 'slow down, I wasn't a locomotive' she was onto me with the "LOCO" part!!! :D

K... shorter gassssssssssssssssPPPPppp

I'm.... solo 1 There, I did it, and I'm still alive...hmmmm, is THAT a good thing? :?


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Since HONESTY appears to one of my OCD compulsions, (Yes, Mom, I'm the ONE who destroyed the finish on the coffee table with my nail polish remover...) (I wonder if this also means I am a glutton for punishment? hmmmmm) I just wanted to apologise to all the members, friends, people here that I have owed emails to and are realizing NOW that I posted here but didn't respond to them.... gosh, 'you all'... I love you all, I really do, but the truth is, it was just easier somehow to post here and nix emailing.....

I'm sorry! :( :oops:


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:lol: lol, hehe hehe hea, and a bunch of hahahahahas too!!!! i think im so clever, and heck, i missed ya solo 1 and you dont know how many times i repeat over and over,,,,,ocdme ocdme ocdme, i say it in the shower, while driving, walking, etc.(ya get the point :roll: ).....cause ya see, that's me!! ocd me See, it's been a huge revilation to me that i even had this ocd thing cause well, dr just thinks im agoraphobic, (which i'm partly), and social phobic, which all comes with the terratory but when i went in and told him ALLLLLLLLLLLLll this funny,(yea funny, ha ha!) stuff i do, he just was over happy that we now have more to base my"stuff" on. Dont know why he previously ust thought it mild, guess i'm pretty good at hiding it. So, all in all, it's made me laugh even more about myself, which makes my life even easer. See, i couldn't figure out why im ok with complete strangers (as no one else seems to feel so good around strangers, but better with people they know) And i'd prefer to travel the world i think, just to stay away from people who have expectations of me. THATS where my problems come in. If someone acts like they like me, (co-workers type people) i cannot talk anymore. Well, im not gonna get into it too much but anyway, im putting so much of ME together better just having seen just how ocd, and all my other phobias, work together to
make me a crazed indivdual when out and about in the world.......Well, gonna stop for now, something i still havnt figgured though is why it can make me so sad sometimes, and just laugh about it others.. oh well, im ok today :D


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Ohhhh Scarde..... I don't know if it feels real good being out of the closet... I don't think I made enough lists or organized in there enough.... I feel naked, exposed, WAIT!!! DON'T HURL~~~I'll put my anonymous cover back on!! LOL!! :lol:

I get sad, I even go beyond sad sometimes... I take 300 ml of Effexor a day for major depression... but, for the most part, I just keep laughing, I know everyone thinks I'm a corn flake bacuz of it, but hey, at least I have an indentity, with or without the frosting & milk! I LOVE the saying: "I don't SUFFER from insanity~~I enjoy every minute of it" hee, hee, heeeee!

I hope you get really brave and become an offical member sometime Scarde, then I can send you private messages and swap emails addies. :) In the mean time, keep laughing and I'll catch up wioth you here!

ummm.... i see.... said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw?


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excuse my broken english :D

ummm.... i see.... said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw
Oh my god LOOK at the carpenter willyou, he's waving the saw high! Tell him to drop it!!! And the hammer too! I think he's gonna kill someone!! Stay away from him!!!!!! ...wait a minute, did he say "i see"? He can see when he's still blind??? wait. So he saw when he couldn't see? And he sees when he can't saw? How could he be sad when he couldn't sob!? Is he really blind?? If he isn't sleepwalking then Hey YOu ARE not telling the truth!!

Anyway, can you get him to fix my umm my my hmm TV?1... please? (I know there are so many bazillions of carpenters out there that they are EVERYWHERE - I betcha i can find one in a in in in a umm a TV! yep I can find one on my tv right there right now believe it or not! But since you know him... I guess I hafta ask u)