panic attacks


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So last night my husband made me go to this party for our friend. Needless to say it was horrible, every time someone talked to me I started to tear up and cry. Which was incredibly embarrassing, and by the end of the night I ended up being super paranoid that someone was going to try and make conversation with me, and I would just have a total breakdown. I'm sure I came off as rude, but I couldn't help it, and that makes me feel even worse!

I've noticed in the last couple weeks my social phobia has gotten worse and I'm wondering if its because I'm staying in the house more and more. Have any of you had experiences like this? If so, how do you keep it from getting even worse? I'm scared I'm going to end up trapped in my house and it kind of feels like its starting to come true.
I have panic attacks when i become center of attention in a party or family functions/weddings. My face becomes expressionless and i feel like my mind is sqeezing. All my social appearences turn out to be a emotional disaster.