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Hi there i am so confused as to wat is happening to me i have been having a good day today until i got out of the bath then all of a sudden my heart started racing really fast and my lungs felt very tight am not sure what is causing this to happen to me am just gettin sick and tired now caus its affecting my life and my job i just dont know what to do anymore.................. :( :( :(
I'm not sure hun, if nothing triggered your panic off then maybe you have generalised anxiety or something. Were you thinking something that may have panicked you, even if it was only a fleeting thought?

Hope you're ok x


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hi there thanks for replying to me i wasnt really thinking about much but i do have a lot on my mind right now with my boss asking me to take time off from work as got me worried that they are going to sack me because of my condition my chest is so tight right now i have had to use my paper bag but apart from that all day i have been fine apart from t odd heart flutter.

It feels my life is just goin downhill and i dont know how to climb back up to the top

Sounds like a difficult position, but maybe it's for the best you've taken some time off so you can re-evaluate your problems. Have you been to a doctor? Are you in counselling? If not, then do, even if you don't have too much faith in it because at least you will be able to say to your employers that you are trying to fix the problem and they will probably be more accepting of your issues if they know you're trying to solve them.


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yeah i have been to my docs numerous times he has now put me on betablockers to control my heart rate and my anxiety and am waiting for tests done on my heart to rule out theres no heart problems because of the flutters i keep getting.

My councilling lessons shud start soon i hope my doc is arranging the appointment for me the sooner i start them the better caus i dont think i can go on like this no more its driving me crazy and making me really scared that am gunna die or somthing

The chances of you dying from panic and heart flutters is very, very slim and irrational thoughts like that make you panic more, which makes you worry you're going to die even more, it's a catch 22. If you find yourself thinking irrationally like that, stop for a moment, breathe calmly and tell yourself that you're being irrational, it's just your mind acting up and it's SA or generalised anxiety that's making you feel this way. The more you refuse to accept and fight against your negative thought patterns the easier it will become. I used to have very severe SA, I couldn't even leave the house, but by challenging my thought patterns and realising that it was the way I was thinking that fuelled my SA I improved an awful lot.

I've never tried beta blockers but I've heard they're pretty good, I hope they help x