Overcoming Social Anxiety Series


Guys I ve bought a series called Overcoming Social Anxiety

It is cognetive behavioral therapy
i m in middle of it is 20 tapes for 20 weeks and i have improved alot

it really WORKS

anyone tried it? :lol:


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does it really work? Is it better than medicine? Will it cure me for good?


you mean thomas richardson- overcoming social anxiety step by step?
im at 7th session now and i find it great to listen to that tapes!!
it helps to calm down and to get self-confidence. im doing it 1.5 month now and its great!!
i think you can download it from emule- type overcoming social anxiety and its a zipped file (?) 919 MB large.
i hope it'll work for you! :D


:oops: im not sure about that download...:? my friend gave them to me, so i don't know...
You have to be very persistent, practice every day... that changes appear. I try to do it every day, i feel a little change :)


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I'm coming up to half way in the series. I've noticed a small change in my thinking and behaviour, but not as big as I hoped.

I finding it difficult practising every day, especially when I've been to work, so you have to be very self disciplined.