outgoing and foods


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anyone know of any foods etc to help me feel outgoing and out of my shell

i have problems with talking to new people, so i make a bad impression

just cant figure out what to say to anyone, the words arenever there



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Its that bad impressin idea thats stoping you form making that initialstart in the conversation. Need to start thinking differently your in control don't let it control you. FACE your FEARS.

Food wise try salmon its suppose to be good for the brian or fish in genrall dolphines eat it so must !
i'm not sure if there are any such foods. could it be that maybe you don't have enough energy? sometimes i feel like i don't have anything to say because i just feel so unmotivated or bored (besides the fact that i'm shy).

so i would drink a cup of concentrated green tea for caffeine. (it's better than drinking coffee or soda). it just makes me a little more energetic and maybe seem a little happier. sorry if i'm wrong though...

i don't want to make you into a caffeine addict! :roll: