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i have had panic attacks for many years now. I work, go on holidays but everyday can be hard due to these awful "moments" ! I manage to get through these but everytime i think i may die, chcke have heart attack - even after having had hundreds of them!
My main problem is my hubby doesnt understand and we had long discussion yesterday and he just cant get it into his head that even tho u know you wont die, everytime u have one you think u are. he thinks u should be able to talk yourself out of them..........and he cant grasp the fact that you rbody produces these symtoms, all the ones u all know so well, and that it happens and u cannot stop it.
is there any where i can get detailed info to show him so he has more understanding. i think it scares him and he gets fed up with me - but he said yesterday he hasnt much sympathy noe empathy and he gets stresses at me when i have them, so no hugs, he just walks off.
At the moment with them so bad, we just lost our house in credit crunch - so they are worse than ever - i cant even say i love him - he is on the point of me giving up our 10 years cos of the way he wont even begin to try and understand he just shouts.
Now he is a perfect hubby in all other ways - he is a top guy but this is a huge problem for me

Any ideas out there.