New job and feeling overwhelmed


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I feel overwhelmed quite easily. I recently started a new job in the hotel business and it's completely different from the hotel I worked at before. This is a 4 star hotel, as opposed to the 3 star hotel I was working at, but the main difference is that the rules are a lot more strict and there's plenty more things to do that I never had to do before.

Working at the 3 star hotel was pretty chill. It was a small hotel, I already knew it inside and out, and everything else was pretty straightforward. Not only that, but I also worked nights, and those were even more relaxing because all I had to do was enter a few things into the system and then I could be on my laptop (or even nap on the couch) until morning.

Now I'm learning a lot of new things, and there's plenty more people (new hotel has a restaurant, SPA, gym, pool, etc). And while it's a great way for me to learn new and very important things that'll surely help me in the future, I've been so anxious over the amount of new information constantly pouring in that it's hard to sleep or be motivated.

The ideal attitude would be one of 'you always have to learn new things when you try new things, so be excited', but I'm finding it hard to feel that way. At the same time, I don't want to just give up and disappoint not only myself, but also my girlfriend and parents.

Any of you been through a similar thing recently that can shed some light?
While I can't offer any advice, you do have my deepest sympathy, Sacrament. :sad: ((Hugs))

The only thing I can suggest is to wait a little while longer until you have been doing all of these new things for a few more weeks.
Then as you work through each week of doing these new tasks, concentrate on the fact that your ability/efficiency and therefore confidence in carrying out these tasks, will be constantly improving.

So keep reminding yourself at the start of each day, that eventually these tasks will become easier, and you will be so used to doing them they will be as familiar to you as tying your shoe laces.

You just need to discover a way to help you "hang in there" just a while longer until these new tasks become habitual for you.
However, I'm sorry I can't think of anything that will help you with that at the moment as I am very tired, but hopefully some other users in here have been through similar situations and can help you with that.


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From what I can say from experience, I think it's quite natural to feel anxious in your situation. The stress is normal, and it's centred around the 'breaking up' of your routine. You were used to to the earlier environment, and being so much used to it, it's sort of natural that you're both anxious and overwhelmed.

I can say that I've experienced the exact same situation, and granted, the initial phases seem like they're meant to floor you. But take it like a videogame. You're moving on from the 'moderate' difficulty, to a more 'hard' difficulty setting. Once you become accustomed to it - that's the challenge.

What BlueDays said about habituation: That's exactly what I mean. Again, I can say that once a person comes to a similar ground with a new situation(when compared to the past situation), then that person will be able to perform much more better eventually. I'm sure you did your previous job pretty well, taking into account that you knew what to do, and that too , at the exact time.

Just wait for some time, and you'll see the same thing happening in the current situation. While I can't generalize and give pseudo-scientific statements, I think anxiety(social) actually starts to help out once you get used to a new situation. Sometimes, it's possible to outperform others as well - by simply adjusting and intuitively managing yourself on the basis of the work schedule/routine. So just don't give up.
well first of all well done on the new job :)
I would suggest taking the 'take each day as it comes' approach but if it gets too hard split it down to hours. think that its only one more hour to get through. this helped me when i was trying to stop smoking and my thoughts were so focused on needing to smoke.
A lot of deep breathing and if you really need it go to the bathroom to give yourself a pep talk and remember you are not alone! sooo many people out there in their jobs dealing with the same thoughts and feelings. We are here to support each other :)