Need support to get rid of panic attacks since pregnancy.


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Hi I first got a panic attack when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my first child. I had never had them previously, I remember being able to walk long distances without a care in the world, I never was worried that I was going to die. I would take tylenol for headaches and not think that I had a brain tumor, I used to be very carefree, now I live like a hermit, I"m terrified to be alone by myself or with my toddlers, as I am afraid of dying, its really scary. I hate living like this, its frusterating because I know how I used to be and how I live today, I thoguht I would write this post so that perhaps I could email chat with someone that is similar to my situation if anyone has a similar story or any answers to my questions it would be very helpful. I recently was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia (low blood sugars) my doctor informed me that I am sugar reactive, so when I eat stuff with sugar my sugars go up then crash. THis sets off a panic attack. I get most of my attacks, while driving, and when I am faced with being alone, or when I get an ache or pain in my body I get this huge fear of dying. But this all started when I was pregnant 5 years ago I thought my second pregnancy would have changed things but it has not. IF anyone could please chat with me my msn is [email protected] please add me and chat with me as I really want support with getting rid of the panic attacks, ps Meds don't work because I just get a fear that I'll be allergic to a med. Mindya I will try anything. Thanks. Dianna


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I just wanted to know that you are not alone with the panic attacks starting with pregnancy. Mine started above two months after giving birth to my son. I haven't found a solution yet but I would like to chat with you if you are willing. I just registered to this website today searching for support with this illness. I feel as though it is controlling my life. Please email me if you are interested in chatting. My address is [email protected].


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Can't wait to chat with you I emailed you a few moments ago it is good to speak with others that have similar issues so that we can learn what works with each other then work as a peer to help support each other with coping with our situation.



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I can SO relate! This is my first post on this forum, and I was right away, drawn to your post because my very first panic attack was RIGHT after my first child was born. I didn't know what was happening at the time, but now, with full-blown panic disorder, I know it was my first. (at the time I thought I was dying!)

Mine re-occured years later---in a very unexpected and REAL episode that sent everyone into a panic--and me to the hospital. My heart rate was near 170 and I couldn't walk. It happened OUT of the BLUE while I was chaperoning a field trip for my daughter's orchestra class at a waterpark. The day was very pleasant...we had only been there for an hour...and I was an avid athlete at the time (so I was 'fit').
I simply told my daughter and her buddy that I was feeling 'a little tired' and would sit at the bench if they wanted to take the next 'slide'. I took maybe 3 steps and collapsed! The lifeguards rushed over and called for medics...(I could hardly speak) I had NO idea what was happening..only that my heart was beating HARD and so fast that I couldn't catch my breath.
I tried to meditate to slow my heart rate (thinking that if I didn't my heart would certainly burst!). It helped (I thought) for a few minutes, then it shot right back up and they put me on an ambulance to the hospital (with my sweet little girl!). It was a horrible experience!
After that, I had 20....TWENTY panic attacks A DAY. I was admitted to the hospital for testing on 3 occassions with different diagnoses. Eventually, they realized that I had a Panic Disorder of the worst kind. (they explained about the levels of seretonin in my they were low and meds would help).
I was on Zoloft for 5 years, till I took myself off of it. I wanted to see if I could tackle it with my 'mind' and meditation and other techniques --- anything, just to feel NORMAL again. I wanted to feel the emotions...the highs AND the lows. I wanted to have 'inspiration' for my art again. To cry. I am.
I am off all meds, but the Panic Disorder came back (with a vengeance). But, I am coping and finding ways to keep it in check as much as possible.
DIET is a H U G E part of Panic Disorder. I know this as a FACT. I am my own guinnea pig.
NO coffee. (as soon as I stopped drinking it...even one cup a day...the adreneline rushes stopped)
EAT PROTEINS FIRST. (sugars send me into a spiral...creating a day of panic and dizziness)
DRINK WATER! (I have found that when I am dehydrated, I am prone to a panic attack)
Take vitamin B Complex (if not, my periods create the worst of my symptoms...severe depression and panic attacks 2 days before and 3 days of my period).
EXERCISE! (excercising decreases my stress levels and releases dopamine that relaxes me. And the regular increase in my heartrate gives me confidence in my OWN abillity to LIVE and endure any increase 'later' in a panic attack.)

I am learning to live with my panic disorder and learning NOT to 'panic' when I do get the symptoms. I am learning to 'ride them out' and KNOW that i will survive this episode.
When I began to talk to myself with reasuring dialog during an episode of 'attack', I started to see that my attacks were less severe and shorter.
I am not 'attack' free, but am on my way to coping.
I got a workbook at the 'Half Price Book Store' called the Phobia and Panic Disorder Workbook. It has helped me tremendously. I had the worst kind...I didn't want to leave my home (I would even sit with my door open during the day---sitting halfway out to the porch, just in case I needed to call out for help if I was alone. I would be wakened during the night with full out panic where I thought I had an intense fever and would certainly DIE if I didn't cool myself down and lower my temperature and my heartrate.)
I do struggle at times and contemplate going BACK on Zoloft, but I am holding out. I want to see if I can survive this on my own and keep my creative spirit.

I'm sorry if I've gone on too long....I just related to you and want you to know that you are not alone and that you can recover. It may always be with us, but I think we can learn to use tools to curb its power...and there are meds out there too, that can give you a break.

Best of luck to you!


Im so glad that I found this forum. I had my first panic attack when my first daughter was about a year old. I went on Seroxat which I guess is an English form of Zoloft, after 6 months I felt normal again. Now my 2nd daughter when she was about 11 monhts old I had another one. I was given Paxcil, but thay made me so sick and i was unable to function for 3 days. Medications dont normally work for me as i get every side affect. I now take xanex once a day, which is working, but for the past 4 days I have been very dizzy, Ive never had this symptom before.
Cici you are my inspiration, im going to try all of your recomendations.


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thank you for your details. I pray for you.

my 1st onset occurred during the process of dealing with accepting being gay, a sibling being very ill, and trying to get by with no money and little support to speak of. I awoke, and felt that anxious feeling we all know and hate! I thought it'd go away, but it didn't. I started to get nervous about it, calling friends til I got one (2am) and stayed on the phone for an hour.

Off and on over the next couple months I'd have recurring attacks that would last 1 minute to 10 min. and then quickly dissipate over the next couple hours at most. My worst lasted a morning long (it was the 2nd one I believe).

I had a situational attack when I returned to the location of my majority of attacks, about a month after I moved from there. And went into my old room and had a HORRIBLE attack. That was miserable, just miserable!

I sometimes feared I'd go crazy, that I'd never come back to "me". And a year later, I'm a survivor of it. I was on lexapro, and clonapin for a while, but the L made me dizzy, and after 2 mo. I stopped the clonopin (taking about 1/3 less each day of each til I quit, probably should have went slower).

I'm writing this early morning because I had a near attack, I know what they feel like, and I didn't have a full blown freak out, but I getting close to that buzzing feeling. Worrying about dying I believe, if my dreaming memory seems right about what happened. So, I'm doing a little better after typing all this. I'm with my family member who's very ill, but I've been near them for a half year and never had as bad a situation as tonight.

I agree with CICI, dehydration is BAD! DRINK WATER! When I keep hydrated I believe my conditions aren't as bad. Also, I'm very out of shape (gained 70 pounds in 4 years) so that doesn't help. I've been exercizing a lot lately, you'd think that'd help!

So, I drank some water, and now will lay back down. Pray for me if you're the praying type. Remember, and I want to do this to, we get through these things. They're tough, but we do need to tell ourselves "nothing has happened, I'm okay, I'm just thinking what hasn't happened, and I just need to deal with today". This is the closest thing to an attack I've had in over 10 months (the 4 months before that were moderately bad)

I have a lot of musty smell in my apt. Is that known to be bad? It makes me gag a little. How can I get rid of that and still keep the air cond. on?

Remember, if you're reading this and are in a bad place - you are also in a good place that is right next to you - step into it and find solace!

My thoughts are with you, for I know someone will read this, and I pray I can help them...



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Re: Need support to get rid of panic attacks since pregnancy

diannapanic said:
Hi I first got a panic attack when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my first child.

dianna, although I don't share the same exact situation with you. I can tell you, that all of us, when we deal with major events (major for you! don't let someone tell you that something isn't major and you shouldn't feel likewise) we sometimes get overwhelmed.

I guess mine would be feeling "helpless" at times. I know my God is there, and I pray, and should do more so. I also do have a fear of water, since I don't swim, and can't float, now in saying that, despite being in FL, I'm not on the ocean, and even though big rivers and the ocean are 3 or so miles away, water is in nearby places. Unfortunately, I had a problem when I was younger, and apparently haven't got over it fully. And to boot, my former object of my affection was teaching me to swim nicely, so I have that memory to add to the water! sad, anyhow, I'm up again, was thinking about my phobia, and wanted to tell you, your situation is your uniquely, and you know the horrible feeling of anxiety, and so I say good thoughts and a prayer for you to be free from these feelings soon.

You've been through a LOT in having a pregnancy. More power to you!
I have to appreciate how hard that must be on anyone!

Well, no one will probably (with my situation - gay, afraid of water, sick family, getting over a year ago's initial onset and mostly okay period til today) come into this forum for my exact situation but it helps to even get it out.

I'm just thankful, and hoping, that the bad anxiety never comes, and telling myself to not worry about what's not happened, so to take this mild anxiety and cope with it.

life is hard. When I was young I had no idea. ha...

May anyone who sees this find comfort.