my weed experience


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Sorry, I'm a bit intoxivated being it new years, but I must share my weed experience being anyone like my self reads it...

being very depressed and anxous the last few years .. and with trying different things like weed,alcohol, weed, extacy, speed.. i didnt really find anything that helps too much..

expect alcohol defianatly affected my anxietyies as it would with anyone, but being intoxiated is not what I wanted, I wanted to be able to think freely.. which is why I'm not an alcoholic... also such things as benzos, anxiety tranqs.. they make it all better, but as my psyc said.. it lowers your threshold for anxiety, and it will it only make it worse in the end... so that is not the path to go..

But with anyone with low energy, poor motivation, concentration.. and not too responsive to ssri, caffine, etc..... check out stimulants... I havent tried it out yet, but I definately have the symptoms for typical ADD,.. Lazy, sluggish, poor concentration...

as I think back my poor concetration and anxieties were caused by my inablitly to concentrate like everyone...

It new years so I'm heading to bed, having drank too much.. but for anyone else out there like me... take heed to this msg..

I first thought it was depression, then axiety.. it was both but the actual source wase ADD..

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Stimulants are bad news if you don't know what you're getting into. Especially amphetamines, like Adderall, Dexedrine, or their 350 pound, raging, ass-kicking big brother methamphetamine. I have messed with meth, and it is NO JOKE, it will ruin you easily if you mess with it too much. I live in the western US, and around here it's everywhere it seems, and gaining lots of popularity, because meth labs are everywhere.

The insidious thing about meth is, when you first do it it feels great, you have lots of energy, can think clearer, feel happy, sociable, etc. I could break through my shyness easily while tweaking, and I'd do things that normally are out of my character, like initiating conversations with classmates, talking to girls, not procrastinating...but once you come down off of it, oh man. You know the feeling of foggyness in your mind the first minute or so after you first wake up? Try feeling like that for a day or even more, depending how long you were doing it in the first place. And the only thing that makes that feeling go away is, more meth. The longer you do meth, you get less good effects and worse comedowns.

Amphetamine is like meth, but to a lesser degree. For extreme ADD people they will work fine, but amphetamines are EXTREMELY addictive, and do your brain damage in the long run, unlike SSRIs which will usually rewire your brains chemistry in the long run. Think of them as like a credit card with a unusually high interest rate. IF you can use them to give your life an extra push, then maaaaaybe you should try them.


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i used to smoke pot like it was going out of style and I did meth and drank and you know what? It dug me into a hole I could barely get myself out of. I had to go through drug rehab. It took me to see other folks that were TORE APART physically and mentally from drugs to realize that drugs and alcohol ARE BAD NEWS AND WILL ONLY MAKE YOUR PROBLEMS WORSE, PERIOD.

Drugs and Alcohol are not the answer folks. They aren't. You have to fix the problem AT ITS CORE, not cover it up or numb it. And that's some of the best advice to follow, if I do say so myself. :D