My stupid stupid mouth

I had to go shopping at the mall today. It was horrible of course (the sales clerks talking to me is the worst). But anyway, my mom was looking for a gift for someone and she asked my opinion about something she found that she wanted to get him and I just told her that I think he would prefer another color and she snapped at me telling me how she didn't care what he'd like better. But...when you're buying a gift for someone, isn't that the point to get something they'd like? I didn't like the thing she bought at all and I don't feel it's something he'd like all that much either, but I just kept my mouth shut after that. I always forget to just keep my stupid mouth shut because that's what will happen. I wish I could just lose my voice so I wouldn't have to talk anymore and make a fool of myself. I said a couple of other stupid stuff today too that I hate myself for. So now I just want to lock myself up for the next couple of days.


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That situation, although embarassing for you, was your mother's fault. Don't feel too bad about it. I mean, afterall, she did ask you if said person would like the gift, and her reaction to your response made no sense.


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I agree with Sacrament. I hate it when people ask for your opinion only to get mad because they didn't hear what they wanted. Whats the point of asking an opinion then!?
Unfortunately, for a lot of people, when they ask you for your opinion it means you're supposed to emphatically agree with them -- or else. They just want an endorsement, not honesty. I guess you can avoid speaking, live with the snappy responses, or learn how to be a compulsive liar.