My Heart Goes Out To You All

It really does, i used to use this site about two years ago? i mean, i didnt have SA even though i thought i did, turned out i just had extreme low self confidence.
I guess im lucky enough in a way to be my own personal doctor lol i seem to have to be a natural with any to do with psychology. but dont get me wrong, i used these skills in the wrong way for so long, sometimes self analyising youself can disasterious effects! i was so 'good' at bringing myself down this way, i even concidered giving up my dream to be a psychologist, because i had already seen the effects it had on me.

What i want to say to everyone on here is, i hope you find happyness within yourselfs sooner or later too, and no im not religous lol, it just upsets me that people beat themselves up so much to the point they give up, never give up!

Maybe ull always be shy to an extent, maybe thats just the way you are, but i mean, love that about yourselfs, and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Peace out people xxxxxxx


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i don't like psychologists, but i like ya.

i also like Freud and Jung. however i think Jung was a schizoid, and Jung schizotypal..honest i think they're humans.

Marlene Sf is just a way to describe your mental state, btw are you spanish?
i mean sf = social fobia?

sometimes i miss being a SA'er..(look what you wish for) having secrets..then again if this is myself, be it..i just wish i wasn't too fucking apathethic.

nevertheless i still paint, im still shy (like hotness says), shy in the sense i'm not all 'woot!!'.. w00t. i'm also a psychologist (by experience) i'm an expert on melancholy, Sa, schizotypal, schizoid, sociopathy, dissociatove identities, amnesia, schizophrenia, i even wrote some papers.

what do you need to be ok?