My End

My End

The longest road I have tread,
From then until here,
Feet are tired of walking,
Blisters of my life appear.
Time has worked it's weave on me,
Telling its aging tale,
Visualy leaving its mark,
On a flesh so scarred and pale,
The reflection in the mirror,
That person is not me,
He is old and weathered,
Like the bark on an old oak tree.
The more I look into those eyes,
That person inside of there,
He's peering back at me,
With a cold and icy stare,
A realisation overcomes my mind,
That is who I am now,
What happened to the younger me,
I lost him long ago somehow.
Grew up too fast to adulthood,
A childhood lost in time,
Torn away by evil doers,
I thought I'd be just fine.
Though I can't turn back the clock,
These years now gone for good,
I long to do the things I missed,
But I can't see I ever would.
So here I am in my own limbo,
Fearing the years to come,
Losing more of my youth,
My mind becoming painfuly numb.
The story of my life that was,
Etched across my face,
Not wanting it to tell anymore,
Of the past I can't embrace.
Hatred and my self disgust,
Brought about by them,
Has led me to where I am now,
My sorry bitter end.